Fresh air fun with shopDisney

A toddler enjoying a drink of water alongside a range of shopDisney products.

Disclosure: we were gifted these products by shopDisney. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

With regular decent weather finally here, we’ve been enjoying plenty of time outside.

It’s so important for the kids to get fresh air and exercise and getting some sunshine always works wonders too.

Two young boys playing frisbee.

So, when the people at shopDisney offered us a bundle of goodies from their summer shop, I knew it would be well received.

All three of my kids love Marvel and are always on about characters from its universe.

If I don’t go a day without hearing about Spider-Man, Groot or the Avengers, something is wrong!

A child showing off a T-shirt from the shopDisney summer shop.

Youngest is also very much into Disney Princesses at the moment. So my lot were always going to be excited by the contents of the huge box we received a day or two later.

We took everything to my parents’ house for a family barbecue over the weekend. Once they had put on their new T-shirts – featuring Flounder, Groot and Avengers – we let the kids loose.

With such a big garden and so many new toys and games to play with, I thought they wouldn’t know where to start – but they did!

A child jumping to launch a Spider-Man Rocket Launcher toy.

All three of them went straight for the Spider-Man Rocket Launcher and loved sending spidey flying into the air.

It was funny watching their faces as they launched it before running off to try and catch it.

Next, they all took it in turns playing with The Little Mermaid Bubble Wand.

It’s fair to say that youngest monopolised this, but she did share it. Eventually.

A toddler wearing a Flounder T-shirt and playing with a Little Mermaid Bubble Wand from shopDisney.

They all needed a sit down for something to eat and drink after all the running around, so the Marvel Comics and Disney Princess Beach Towels came in handy.

As did their new water bottles, featuring Spider-Man, The Little Mermaid and Marvel Avengers.

After lunch, they were suitably recharged and raring to go again. I wish I could regain energy as quickly as they do!

A happy child sitting on a Mavel Comics beach towel with a Spider-Man Water Bottle.

They really enjoyed playing with the items from their Spider-Man and Little Mermaid Sports Bags. The frisbees and rackets proved particularly popular.

Youngest seems to have a good left-hand smash on her – I won’t get away with getting so close with the camera next time!

A toddler playing tennis.

Oldest then went off for a round of Mickey Mouse Golf. Very good at it he was too.

I refer to both the technical side of his game and the repeated yelling of “fore!”

I was busy taking pictures but am looking forward to seeing if I can match his par next time.

A child playing with a toy golf set.

All three children are very happy with their new toys and games and they will serve us well this half term and beyond.

They never once asked to go indoors and I think that says it all.

Thanks again to shopDisney for sending them!


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