I’m a Scrubbingtons Brand Ambassador!

The new Scrubbingtons range.

Disclosure: this is a paid collaboration.

The last few days have been busy for us. They have been dominated by sports week at school. Both boys have had their respective sports days, weekly swimming lessons and have also taken part in Race for Life.

As you can imagine, this has involved plenty of exercise outdoors, which can only be a good thing. A byproduct of this, of course, is an increased need for baths and showers.

That was a polite way of saying they got rather sweaty and pongy, wasn’t it?

So, anyway, this week is the ideal opportunity to announce that I’m a Scrubbingtons Brand Ambassador this year!

I was already familiar with Scrubbingtons under its previous guise – Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of Clean – so was delighted to be asked to take on the role.

A child's hand full of foam from a bottle of Scrubbingtons.

Now before I start talking about why I like the range so much, I’m going to make a confession. Until relatively recently, I had a bit of a complicated relationship with bath night.

I love being a properly involved parent and have never shirked any of my duties, but bathtime can be stressful. For quite a while, for example, the bath ended up the driest thing in the room.

But things have got a lot more manageable over the last year or two. Sure, the fact that the kids have all grown up a little has counted for a lot.

But the introduction of Scrubbingtons a couple of years ago has played an important part too.

There’s a lot to like about the brand and it ticks a number of important boxes for me.

First of all, the products have been designed to help children become more independent at bathtime and are kind on their skin too.

As well as having easy-to-use dispensers, they’re made with a minimum 98% natural ingredients and are cruelty-free.

A child with foamy hair and a bubble beard made with Scrubbingtons.

It’s important that kids learn to take care of themselves as they get older. Increased independence for them also makes things slightly easier as we’re outnumbered by children in our house!

In addition, the new Scrubbingtons range includes refill pouches so bottles can be reused, thus reducing plastic pollution.

As I mentioned recently, we’ve been looking for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint and this is a great one. Particularly as the products are made in the UK too.

These are all fantastic credentials, of course, but the best thing as far as my kids are concerned is how bubbly they are!

Seriously, the Scrubbingtons range redefines the word ‘foamy’. My three love giving themselves flamboyant hairstyles and bubble beards with them.

With half term almost upon us, we’re planning on getting out and about as much as possible. The kids can – and will – get as sweaty and grubby as they like and that’s fine by me.

As part of my role as a Scrubbingtons Brand Ambassador, I’ll be sharing pictures of adventures in the great outdoors like these on Instagram, as well as sharing Scrubbingtons news and competitions.

I’ll also be back with another blog post later in the year. In the meantime, why not check out the Scrubbingtons range for yourself?


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