Gloomy, creaky, rough around the edges – and just the ticket

Just the ticket! Some old-style cinema tickets.

I’ve been fairly quiet both on here and social media lately. Little seems to have gone to plan recently and, to put things mildly, I was feeling rather deflated as a result.

I very rarely give myself a break so, for once, thought “sod it, I’m having a few days off”. And the good news is that the impromptu mini hiatus has worked wonders.

I’m feeling a lot more positive about everything as a result of being unplugged for a few days and by yesterday in particular.

My wife and I went to the cinema together. It was the first date we’d had in around two years and it was just the ticket, so to speak.

We went to see Avengers: Endgame – don’t worry; there are absolutely no spoilers here – in a cinema that it’s fair to say has seen much better days. The place hasn’t changed in 30 years and seems to have aged with me.

In many ways, the auditorium represented how I felt beforehand. Gloomy, creaky and more than a little rough around the edges. I don’t smell musty yet though. Just saying.

On the face of it, this wasn’t the antidote we needed. Sitting in the dark for three hours, not talking to each other for fear of annoying other people and on seats with springs that have needed replacing since I was ten years old wasn’t the most obvious of choices.

Neither was watching a film that follows on from the events of Infinity War! Yet it was just what we needed.

We really enjoyed the anticipation of what would happen in the film, watching it and discussing it in hushed tones while walking back from the train station afterwards.

For the record, we didn’t talk about it on the train as we’re upstanding citizens who think that spoilers should result in community service.

It was so nice to get out of the house to somewhere other than the school or supermarket. It was equally good to do something for ourselves for once. No offence to the kids there!

We love spending time with them, of course, but it’s just as important to have time alone together.

It’s so easy to fall into a routine though. Kids have to come first and it’s worryingly easy for parents to forget about themselves.

Happier parents should logically mean happier kids too, so getting out now and then can only be a good thing. And we’re going to make sure we do just that.

I’m well up for more rejuvenating visits to the same knackered old cinema

When was the last time you got out with your partner?


  1. Jim

    You nailed this one, great advice. Self care is key to keeping a charge in your Dad batteries!
    And I’m taking the fam to see that flick this weekend!


  2. John Adams

    Ah, wondered where you’d gone Tom. A minor case of burn out by the sounds of it. Glad you enjoyed your mini outing. A change is as good as a rest, so they say.

  3. Henry Elliss

    Having been to see Endgame in a cinema which was even newer than both of my children (in contrast to your experience) I can attest that it didn’t make me feel any less old. Not least of all because I managed to knock over a drink, instantly blame my youngest before realising it was my fault and getting glared at by my wife… eek

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