Five films that almost certainly foreshadowed real events

A reel of film reflected on a white surface to illustrate the notion that some films foreshadowed real events.

Yesterday, we went shopping. It’s something I really don’t enjoy doing and, judging by the atmosphere in our local shopping centre, I was in good company. Everybody present could be best described as “meh”.

Then I saw a particular kids’ item for sale in shop after shop and was reminded of a certain film. Could there be a direct link between the general malaise and said product?

Almost certainly not. But it got me thinking about how classic films may have foreshadowed real events.

So, starting with yesterday’s theory, let the daft whimsy commence…

Ghostbusters 2 and Brexit

Slime appears everywhere and our heroes eventually discover that it’s the physical manifestation of people’s bad vibes. Cut to today and the stuff is everywhere. For sale in shops, admittedly, but everywhere nonetheless.

What’s more, everybody is pissed off about Brexit. Coincidence? I think not! We need to douse the Angel of the North in slime and play it some Jackie Wilson pronto!

Back to the Future Part II and Donald Trump

A nasty piece of work with stupid hair rises to power and there are questions over whether he did so entirely legitimately. He’s in the process of turning his surroundings into a dystopia for good measure too.

Let’s hope that real life continues to follow the plot; everything will return to normal and Trump will end up with nothing but a mouthful of manure.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Theresa May

A baddie devoid of human empathy turns up and causes misery everywhere it goes while still failing to do its job. To make matters worse, it appears that it’s impossible to get rid of.

Whether or not ‘Maybot’ came from the future remains to be seen – will wheat fields still be a thing in 2029? –  but I really wouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore.

Wayne’s World and YouTube

Two friends create content from home, share it with the public and eventually make a living out of it. You certainly won’t catch me knocking that!

Yes, Wayne and Garth were well ahead of the curve as influencers. And people thought they were just slackers. Fools.

Wreck-It Ralph and Chris Grayling

One is a bumbling man whose ham-fisted approach to his vocation results in a trail of complete and utter carnage and the other is Wreck-It Ralph.

Admittedly, there is a slight difference in that the fictional one eventually manages to redeem himself.

Can you think of any films that foreshadowed real events?

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