Five things my toddler has a complicated relationship with

A range of happy and sad faces to convey the complicated relationship toddlers have with the strangest of things.

Toddlers are funny little things, aren’t they? Youngest, for example, has been at her contrary best of late. We should have called her Mary.

Here are five kid-friendly things she has a complicated relationship with.


Thanks to hand-me-downs from her brothers and cousins as well as ones we’ve got her, she has a veritable plethora of pyjamas. She loves every last pair of them. On one proviso. That she doesn’t have to wear the same pair on consecutive nights.

She then hates every last pair except for the ones she wants. I’ve tried explaining that this is decadent and that it isn’t possible to commit a fashion faux pas in your sleep. She’s not having any of it though.

Baby Shark

Last year’s viral hit is a dubious gift that keeps on giving. We were singing it long before it was on YouTube though. Just saying. Anyway, it still crops up at Rhymetime now and then – particularly when our friend who runs it invites requests.

This week, we were first and had agreed to ask for Row, Row, Row Your Boat. She piped up and asked for Baby Shark instead. Then watched on in silence as the 46 other people in the room sang it.

The Dramatic Chipmunk

Remember this one from yesteryear? There are many versions of it, but our favourite is the Kill Bill remix. She loved it the first time she saw it and recreates it herself – Ironside theme tune included – numerous times every day.

She asks to watch it too, of course. On the rare occasions that we give in to her pestering, we oblige. Only for her to laugh, shriek in terror, hide, laugh and ask for it to be shown again.

There’s a Dragon in Your Book

Another contribution from 2018 now. She loved There’s a Monster in Your Book so we figured that she’d like Tom Fletcher’s inventive sequel. And she did. Well, sort of. She adored the eponymous dragon, giggling with delight at every picture.

However, when the dragon accidentally breathes fire, she gets a bit wobbly. She suddenly hates the dragon. Only to love it again the next minute. I can’t keep up.

Favourite foods

As I mentioned recently, she’s still a bit funny with food. She has favourite things and doesn’t want to branch out yet. That’s fine – we’ll get there eventually. However, she can still be relied upon to diss the things she likes.

More than once recently, she has used the sentence “Daddy, I can’t eat this, I’m too full – can I have a yoghurt?” Man alive.

Which inoffensive things do your little ones have a complicated relationship with?


  1. john Adams

    Well, we’re a bit beyond the toddler years but that last point of years, wowzers, just finishing a meal, any meal. You know, like a completely empty plate, that would be marvellous.

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