Finding my best ever fit with M&S

Disclosure: this is a paid collaboration with M&S.

I’ve worked for myself for well over three and a half years and it’s fair to say that I’ve become rather comfortable. Both in terms of my daily routine and what I wear. Speaking of the latter, I tend to wear hoodies and jeans most of the time.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but there are times where I ought to look a little smarter. In January, for example, I attended the Toy Fair in London. I go there each year to meet with PRs with the hope of working with them.

When I arrived, I realised that most of the other male attendees donning media passes were wearing shirts and smarter trousers. It had never even occurred to me to smarten up for the day. Oh dear!

A flatlay image of some M&S clothes for men.

Since then, I’ve been meaning to address that and add some slightly more dapper threads to my wardrobe. So, when the people at M&S got in touch, I was presented with the perfect opportunity.

To showcase the new and improved fit of their clothes, they asked me to pick an outfit featuring their best ever fit jeans. Here’s what I went for.

I already have a couple of pairs of blue jeans so decided to go for something different this time. Namely a black pair of straight fit stretch jeans.

I sometimes struggle to find a perfect fit. A quick look at the M&S Denim Guide helped me out though.

To be honest, I’m never going to get into skinny fit jeans and my legs are short compared to my upper body.

A man wearing a pair of M&S jeans.

There were no such problems here though. I’ve found that interpretations of sizes can vary from one retailer to the next but was confident that those from M&S would fit well. And they didn’t disappoint.

They were immediately comfortable, passed the all-important walking around and sitting down tests with aplomb and even have a zip fly. I’ll save my rant about button flies for another time.

A man walking down some stairs and wearing M&S clothes.

I like to have a bit of contrast in an outfit, so went for a Pure Cotton Tailored Fit Oxford Shirt in grey.

Again, it was a great fit for me and I really like both the cut of it and how it looks with the best ever fit jeans.

So that’s two out of two. Could I make it three with the footwear? In short, yes!

A pair of M&S slip-on shoes for men.

I chose a pair of Stitch Detail Slip-on shoes in brown. They provide a much smarter option than my usual go-to of trainers. They, too, were nice and comfortable straight away.

What I like about all of the items I chose is that they will work alongside other things.

It’s often said that black goes with everything, so the jeans will work in plenty of formal and informal scenarios.

The same can be said of the shirt and shoes, which will look equally good with my other jeans.

I’m very happy with this outfit and the others I can create with elements of it. And all of the garments I picked are very much worthy of the best ever fit tag.


  1. John Adams

    It has to be said Tom, you did look like an absolute animal at the Toy Fair. Only joking, I’d never say such a thing!

    Anyway, black and grey. I like the contrasting colour. I do love a good contrast. As for slip on shoes, the ultimate parenting accessory. They’re ideal for throwing on your feet and getting out the door quickly. Great choices old boy.

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