Taking a trip down memory lane with Swizzels

A hamper of Swizzels sweets.

Disclosure: this is a paid collaboration with Swizzels.

Last week, I was explaining to oldest how different things are now to when I was a kid. We were in a shopping centre in the town I grew up in,Β looking for my wife and other two kids who had been to a couple of other shops.

“Aren’t you going to phone them then?” he asked me. Ordinarily, I would have done, but being in a place I’d known since his age must have changed my mindset a little. “We didn’t do that when this place was first built,” I said. “We didn’t have phones.”

Yes, I immediately felt old, but I persevered. I told him about all the technological and cultural changes there had been since the 1980s.

I loved his expression as I told him that things like the Internet and health and safety didn’t exist, that the pop charts mattered and that we only had four TV channels.

Clearly, he found it difficult to imagine. “What was the same then?” he asked. Good question! I mentioned riding bikes, kicking a ball around, roller discos and reading, but struggled to think of anything else off the top of my head.

A few days later, an email arrived in my inbox and reminded me of another one. Swizzels! Yes, the iconic sweets are just as I remember them.

Every week, my sister and I would go to the newsagent just around the corner from where I was speaking to oldest and spend our pocket money on them.

I would wolf down my sweets in a matter of minutes and spend the next few days trying to persuade her to share hers. Which she always did. Sorry, sis!

Double Dips, Refreshers, Drumsticks and Love Hearts were among our favourites, but we were familiar with the whole range.

Some personalised tubes of Love Hearts.

If you’re on the lookout for a Mother’s Day gift for a mum of my age, Swizzels have some great gift ideas to choose from. These include Personalised Love Hearts.

Also available are a range of Mother’s Day Hampers packed with much-loved favourites from back in the day.

Maybe I should order one of them for my sister to make up for all the sweets I cadged back in the 1980s!

Of course, another thing that we had both then and now are giveaways, so let’s have one now, shall we?

I have two Retro Sweet Wicker Hampers to give away. To be in with a chance of winning one, enter via Rafflecopter below.

You can use as many of the entry methods as you like and two winners will be drawn at random. Good luck!

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  1. Louise Laing

    I absolutely love the drumstick lollies, they are my all time favourite! I love how they are so stretchy as well lol!

  2. Lisa

    The double lollies were my favourite they always had such a unique taste unlike the other lollies.

  3. Darrell

    Double dip. Used to love sitting in front of the tv eating the sherbert, trying to make it last as long as possible πŸ™‚

  4. Susan Laing

    Had to be Parma Violets mainly because my sister didn’t like them so I would get hers if she got them when my Mum would buy us a few different types every Saturday.

  5. Isabel O

    I liked the rainbow dust straws, they basically had sherbet dust in but they were satisfying to take the end off and sort of suck it out. Really cheap too so I bought them with my own money.

  6. amanda walsh

    Got to be a drumstick, controversial opinion incoming……. parma violets should be discontinued!! vile things

  7. Christina Palmer

    Drumstick lollies were my favourite- not sure if I can buy them locally now but would ove to see if they are as good now as they were when I was a child.

  8. Lisa Everaert

    Drumsticks without a doubt. Loved them as a child, occasionally buy myself the new squishy versions too now.

  9. Nicola Turner

    My favourite was chocolate spaghetti and the chocolate nibbles, I used to get a bag every day to take to school, it depended on how much money I had for doing my chores to how much I could buy, I used to get really excited watching him measure it out on the scales. Happy days

  10. Danielle Cresswell

    Parma Violets were and still are my favourites but there kind of like marmite people either love them or hate them x

  11. Julie Ashmore

    Parma violets and I remember my nana and grandad used to buy them for me and my sisters

  12. Victoria Prince

    Probably the Fruity Pops – I have especially strong memories of them at school fetes where they were pushed into something and if the bottom of the stick had a coloured dot on you won! (but if it didn’t you still got the lolly – so hey, win win ;))

  13. Elaine Shaw

    Favourite Swizzels sweets, were most definitely Parma Violets, loved them, and I still do.

  14. Richard Saunders

    Mine were refreshers..but I ate all the sweets I could get my hands on to be fair πŸ™‚

  15. abigail edkins

    Drumsticks…although now i avoid them in case they pull a filling out…too many drumsticks as a kid me thinks πŸ™‚

  16. Laura Norcop

    Parma violets! Can’t believe things from my childhood are now retro though- I still feel like a kid!

  17. Rachael Obrien

    Refreshers !!! 100% and still love them now ! The bars are better than the little sweets x

  18. Mary Campbell

    Parma Violets – loved the taste, a taste that will forever immortalise this sweet as a timeless classic πŸ™‚

  19. Pauline Wilson

    My favourite was a double dip, the two flavours of sherbet with the dipping stick were great

  20. Derek Wilson

    Another vote for Parma Violets here. My friends all think they taste like soap, but I love them!

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