A moving story: why we’re getting the pros in next time

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Our house has been on the market for a while but, with January out of the way, there are signs that things may pick up soon.

We’ve started getting calls from our estate agent again and other properties are being sold locally, so there’s cause for optimism.

As a result, we’ve been tidying like there’s no tomorrow, looking at other houses and even thinking about the logistical side of moving home.

Things will be decidedly different to our last move. We went from a one-bedroom flat to a two-bedroom house and didn’t have kids!

We had relatively little furniture so had no need for removal companies. Instead, we hired a van, recruited my dad to drive it and moved everything ourselves. Twice.

Yes, we had two moving dates and stayed at my parents’ house for a week in between with all of our stuff temporarily housed in their garage.

That was eight and a half years ago and much has changed. Since then, we’ve had three children and added another bedroom.

This, of course, means we’ve accumulated a mind-blowing amount of stuff. What was one bed is now one double, one single and the boys’ bunks.

One of our two-seater sofas has been replaced with a four-seater and we’ve gained two wardrobes, several cupboards and bookshelves and two desks.

Not to mention all the appliances. We didn’t bring any with us as we bought and sold them with our flat.

Now we have a washing machine, a dishwasher, an oven and a frankly gargantuan fridge to shift.

Then there are the toys. So many toys. If the central premise of the Toy Story films ever becomes reality, we’re in trouble!

Another consideration is of fitness. I’m still able to sprint around for an hour at five-a-side every week but really feel it afterwards.

If I still ache two days after a 60-minute kick around, I’m going to be like a zombie after lugging bulky furniture around for a day.

There are no two ways about it – we’re going to need to get some professionals in.

There are so many stresses involved with¬†moving house so we’re going to find someone else to do the heavy lifting.

So that’s one decision made. Now we just need to sell our house, buy a new one and do everything else!

Have you moved home recently? Did you do it yourself or hire a removal company?

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