Samuel Windsor Dress Like Your Icon challenge

A yawning man walking downstairs in his pyjamas.

Disclosure: I received the featured clothes in exchange for this blog post.

I’ve never been one of life’s more fashionable people. I rarely buy new clothes and, when I do, it’s usually more out of necessity than to treat myself.

We all like a bit of escapism here and there, though, so when the people at Samuel Windsor got in touch about the Dress Like Your Icon campaign, I jumped at the chance.

I was invited to choose some items from their range and, with them, create a look inspired by a famous person or character.

So I chose to dress as Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

There are several reasons for this choice. It goes without saying that I love the books. I also identify with Arthur. He likes his routine and has good principles but is a little ineffective at times.

I also used to go for a Friday lunchtime pint at the pub used as Arthur’s local in the 1980s TV adaptation.

The most obvious reason, however, is a sartorial one. Arthur goes on all kinds of weird and wonderful adventures in his pyjamas and dressing gown.

Admittedly, this is more by accident than design. It’s what he’s wearing when his friend, Ford Prefect, saves him from earth moments before it’s destroyed to accommodate a hyperspace bypass. But let’s not nitpick.

There’s a strange sense of cool about embarking on such mind-bending adventures in loungewear. And, even though he’s a reluctant and often bewildered central protagonist, I think he owns the look.

I chose a Navy Tartan Dressing Gown and a pair of Blue Red Tartan Pyjamas.

I also selected a Mixed Colour T-shirt 3 Pack.

All of the garments are of high quality and nice and comfortable. I think they combine to make me an acceptable Arthur Dent.

The pyjamas would, of course, work better worn as a pair, but Arthur is a mismatched kind of guy.

It’s a look that I could definitely get behind and maybe even adopt as my new official work uniform.

Thinking of Arthur’s plight has made me see things in a different light too.

Maybe the parents I sometimes see doing the school run in their pyjamas are actually travelling through space, evading Vogons while searching for the perfect cup of tea.

As you can hopefully tell, I had a lot of fun with this challenge. And, without wishing to sound arrogant, think my choice was out of this world.

If you were to dress like your icon, who would it be and why?


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