How central heating could help increase our living space

An essential part of a central heating installation: a radiator.

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Not that I’m obsessed or anything, but it’s time for another post about our attempts to finally move home!

Last week, I wrote about how we might need to be prepared to reconfigure a new house to make room for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are limited options in our area, so we may need to buy one that doesn’t yet have four bedrooms.

With that in mind, we also need to be aware of what might need doing as a result.

Luckily, we have some experience with this. We had similar work done to our current home a couple of years ago.

Although our house isn’t the biggest, it needed a lot of work. There was a lot of plastering and rewiring involved. Not to mention the central heating.

First things first, we had our unnecessarily large bathroom turned into a bedroom for the boys to share. Our second bedroom was then divided in two. One half is now a bathroom and the other is youngest’s bedroom.

One of the things we did to make more room was to remove the airing cupboard and, with it, the hot water tank. In turn, this meant getting a new combi boiler.

So central heating installation was necessary. This involved a fair amount of pipework – both removing redundant pipes and adding new ones. We had a heated towel rail and smart thermostat fitted too.

I remain pleased with the work we had done. It’s resulted in much better use of space and effectively bought us another couple of years. But even though it made a real difference, it wasn’t cheap.

That said, while I’m not bad at maintaining radiators, there was no way I was ever going to consider doing anything on a bigger scale by myself.

Having spent the last eight and a half years discovering and rectifying DIY shortcuts that previous occupants had taken, I’ve learned from their mistakes!

So, as I’ve said, there’s nothing cheap about gas central heating but it’s one of those jobs that shouldn’t be attempted by amateurs like me.

We were therefore happy to pay the going rates. We managed to keep costs down a little by deciding to keep two of the existing radiators where they were.

And we’re prepared to do the same all over again. Especially as some of the properties in our price bracket are euphemistically described as ‘requiring modernisation’. Translation: ‘the central heating in this house is the fireplace’.

Bring it on.

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