Five must-haves in our next home

A bunch of keys. A must for our next home!

Our house has been on the market since September and, thanks to Brexit, things have been really slow. We’ve had a sum total of two viewings. Two!

We’re reliably informed that the market is picking up locally though and have also dropped our already-reasonable asking price a tad, so are cautiously optimistic.

We’re not going to dare to dream too much but, at the same time, it’s worth thinking about what we want if we suddenly find ourselves in a position to move.

Here, then, are the must-haves for our next home.

Enough room for everyone

The boys have always shared a room but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that they both need their own space. They’re still the best of friends most of the time, with the exception of bedtime when they become sworn enemies.

Youngest, meanwhile, has her own room but clearly doesn’t like it much as she still gets in our bed every single night. So we need four bedrooms in our next home, one of which exudes a level of charm that she can’t resist.

A downstairs loo

I’ve lost count of the number of times all three kids have needed the loo at the same time. Similarly, I’m tired of not being able to shower or clean my teeth without one of them barging in to have a poo. It’s like that old WKD advert.

It doesn’t need to be big. A toilet and basin now constitute my idea of heaven. I used to dream of a fancy kitchen; a second bog is now a much higher priority.

A decent garden

Our back garden has never been kid friendly. It’s narrow and not particularly long so is nice for eating outdoors, drying washing and not much besides. We overhauled it last summer but that was purely with a view to selling.

Our next home needs one that’s big enough for the kids to kick a ball around and burn off as much energy as possible.

An office

I’ve been working from home for well over three years but still don’t have a dedicated office. Instead, I have a desk in our bedroom which, for a while after youngest was born, doubled as a nursery too. The room, that is. Not my desk.

So it’s not as bad as it once was, but I really need a dedicated workspace. It would be so nice not to have to move piles of clothes from my chair to the bed and vice versa every day. And, in case you’re wondering, this has nothing to do with my desire to play Football Manager late into the night.

Good natural light

To be fair, the natural light in our house isn’t too bad and our garden is a nice little suntrap during the summer months. Indoors, however, it takes ages to take photos that are good enough to publish on here.

Now, obviously, I have to take lots of them and am truly fed up of setting up elaborate reflectors or taking product shots in the bath. Even though I list that as one of my finest blogging lifehacks.

So those are the musts for our next home. Are you looking to move this year? What are your must-haves?


  1. Cassie Parish

    More or less the same over here on the want criteria. I can’t believe how slow your viewings were though. The sale market in my area is pretty snappy. Random how it varies across the country eh. Best of luck to you for this year.

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