Mixtapes: Five tracks that could also be messages from my kids

A retro cassette tape with a label reading "Five tracks that could also be messages from my kids".

Ever since I published my first Mixtapes post last January, I’ve been meaning to write another one. Well, film sequels often take a year, so why shouldn’t music, eh?

The penultimate song on that first playlist was one I thought my children would choose. So, following that theme, here are five tracks that could also be messages from my kids…

Kasabian – Eez-Eh

This song starts with the lyric “I ain’t easy and I make you mad.” I could rest my case right there, but there are others too. “I ain’t easy, but I ain’t that bad. No rhyme or reason, I’m just trying to set the world alight” resonates.

As does “I got the feeling that I’m gonna’ keep you up all, gonna’ keep you up all, gonna’ keep you up all night.” And, yes, all three of my kids love this particular tune.

Garbage – Only Happy When it Rains

Oldest is going through a deliberately contrary stage at the moment. It’s a fun game. For example, he has a great sense of humour and loves his home comforts, yet he seems to delight in insisting the opposite.

Apparently, everything has to be serious unless he decrees that it’s time for a laugh and he also loves being cold. And, naturally, when he heard this song he danced along before saying he didn’t like it. Silly sausage.

The Zutons – Always Right Behind You

This one makes the list purely because of the chorus and a game we play in our house. We put pegs on each other’s clothing and see how long it takes the victim to notice. We’re very mature like that.

The six-year-old is fiendishly good at this game. Judging by the number of the pesky things on my hoodie at the end of each day, he is indeed always right behind me.

Razorlight – Somewhere Else

Remember this lot? They’re still around, apparently. This song could be an anthem for any of my kids when they’re anywhere. Whether we’re out for a nice day as a family, having a quiet one at home or off on the school run, there’s always one of them who’d rather be elsewhere.

“You give me everything I need. But I really, really wish I could be somewhere else than here.” Thanks, kids.

Lightning Seeds – Ready or Not

Lyrics such as “I’ve gotta make some noise, I’m jumping up and down, I’ve got to get out now, I want to shout out loud” allude to some of my kids’ favourite pastimes. Plus the ready or not element rings true. And, yes, I’m rarely ready.

A couple of notes on the video. Firstly, I’m not the sort to lock my kids in their rooms and, were I to do so, the six-year-old WOULD turn the bunk bed into a hang-glider and make good his escape.

Secondly, if you think crowd surfing at a Lightning Seeds gig is unlikely, you’re wrong. I got kicked in the head by someone doing so at Hammersmith in 1999. True story!

My next Mixtapes post will probably go live sometime in 2020. In the meantime, which songs could also be messages from your kids?


  1. John Adams

    A FASCINATING list of songs Tom. Mine would be an outrageous collection that would probably put your speakers into meltdown. I note with interest, however, there’s no Maximo Park?

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