Review: The LEGO Book New Edition

The front cover of The LEGO Book New Edition.

We absolutely love LEGO in our house. Indeed, the kids have already built an extensive collection. What’s more, the sets I had as a kid remain all present and correct at my parents’ home.

There’s something quite brilliant about following the instructions to make vehicles and buildings or, of course, creating your own. This new title from DK is therefore right up our street!

The LEGO Book New Edition is a wonderful read that fans young and old will adore. Starting with the history of the iconic brand, it guides readers on a fantastic journey through the evolution of the much-loved playsets.

In case you’re wondering, the name derives from the Danish for “play well”. And play well we all certainly have.

I had always assumed that the LEGO company started out with the sole intention of creating the system it’s now synonymous with. Not so!

The first LEGO toys were actually wooden. It wasn’t until the late 1940s that the forerunners of the plastic bricks we’re now so familiar with were introduced.

A page from The LEGO Book New Edition showing a 1950s LEGO set.

In 1958, the brick was patented and continues to form the building principles today. It was fascinating reading about how these famous pieces came into being and took over as LEGO’s mainstay.

The LEGO Play Themes section covers all sets from the 1970s right through to the present day. I like the way they’re organised by theme rather than chronologically.

Showing them side by side shows how the sets have subtly changed while remaining true to their origins.

My kids are going to love going through the pages spotting favourite sets. They’re not alone in that either. I got rather sidetracked while flicking through it and caught myself saying “That’s so cool” on numerous occasions!

A LEGO light and sound set from the 1980s.

There was also a warm feeling of nostalgia looking through the LEGO sets I owned as a child. One of my favourite kits was a Light & Sound fire engine so I was particularly pleased to see it included.

It’s obvious that this book has been put together by people with the same affection for LEGO, which is only right as far as I’m concerned.

Finally, no LEGO book these days would be complete without a covermount and this one includes a marvellous collector’s item. An exclusive brick to commemorate the 60th anniversary of LEGO.

An exclusive LEGO brick.

The LEGO Book New Edition is a comprehensive and brilliant celebration of a hugely popular toy. If you love LEGO, you’ll love this. It has an RRP of £18 but I have five copies to give away.

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of The LEGO Book New Edition, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. As usual, you can use as many of the entry methods as you like. Good luck!

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Disclosure: this post is a paid collaboration with DK.


  1. Tracy Nixon

    I remember receiving a set called Forbidden Island for Christmas and I loved it! It was an island where pirates buried their treasure! My parents bought it for me because I love Captain Pugwash at the time!

  2. Sadiyya Maryam

    I didn’t really have one but my brothers had Space Command Centre which I loved helping them build. My daughter absolutely loves Lego and this would be an amazing prize to surprise her with. Many thanks for this great giveaway.

  3. Clare Hubbard

    I don’t think I had a Lego set but I did have lots of bricks, I used to love building houses with a very detailed floor plan!

  4. Alice Dixon

    I had a huge airport set that I loved playing with, it had a plane and control tower and terminal

  5. Natasha Pretorius

    I didn’t have Lego as a child, but my 7 year old son is obsessed with it. His favourite set is the Lego City police range

  6. Angie Mcdonald

    I had one with eyes on the bricks and I used to love building houses with face son the sides!

  7. Chris Andrews

    when i was a child they didn’t come in sets, just boxes of bricks, and l always loved a new box to make bigger and better things

  8. Kellie Steed

    I don’t remember there being ‘sets’ of Lego when I was a kid, just generic boxes of Lego that you made your own thing with. Am I that old!? lol

  9. Michelle Ferguson

    I didn’t have a lego set, we just had lots of bricks and odds and ends that I used to love building houses with.

  10. Sue Leake

    I did have a fire station set back in the early 60s after that I use to get pocket money small boxes in one colour

  11. Laura Wheatley

    I loved the mix boxes that had instructions for little things. I used to love making houses. lego was my fave

  12. Kirsty Stewart

    My gran always just had a big box of lego pieces, think the whole family played with them. It started my love of lego.

  13. Gill Williams

    I don’t think I had an actual lego set, just a box of bricks to make houses. I do remember a few trees too. I think it was a hand me down from my sister.

  14. Catherine Stewart

    Had a box of the normal Lego, which had stuff to make a restaurant. Now that was good!

  15. Rachael Simmons

    I actually never had a set, as my parents were poor when I was growing up. They did manage to get me a second hand box of LEGO which I loved making houses with, a few years later I found out that my dad gave the box to a little girl down our road who had even less than we did

  16. AnnaH

    I had a lego house with animal figures – think there was a mouse and a cat – which I loved

  17. Zoey H

    Cannot remember a specific sets but we has lots of bricks and would love building castles or cars

  18. Sharon Everett

    I didn’t have a kit. Just a small box of standard Lego. I used to make houses for my barbies. ⛄

  19. gaynor Vincent

    My five boys (dad and four littlies) would so love this book – they love to build everything from lego. My favourite thing I built was a target board for their Neff guns!

  20. Angela Wilcox

    I had a little post van set with a post box and letters. We still have it, it’s now in my sons lego collection 🙂

  21. Kim Neville

    I don’t remember having any sets just a big tub and liked building houses with my sister with garden and furniture

  22. ElizM

    I was never allowed Lego as a child even though I always wanted it – totally deprived, so I love giving my kids Lego.

  23. Ana Nunes

    Times are different. I had some legos that my old cousins didn’t use anymore. But i remember building castles and rainbows, dreaming and smiling.

  24. Jackie L

    Lego was in its infancy when I was a child. I remember building houses on the flat lego boards with my sisters. It has come a long way since then.

  25. Michelle Newman

    I don’t remember having Lego as a child but my son has lots and his favourite is a pirates ship.

  26. Christine Lockley

    Growing up in the 70’s I don’t recall us ever being bought anything like the sets they have now, we just had basic bricks and would often build houses, farms etc

  27. Lorna-Jane Holland

    My brother and I had a few sets from the Lego City collection – police cars and ambulances, which were always good fun to play with!

  28. Kate Davies

    I didn’t have sets just plain Lego bricks but I used them to build a massive house with my mum and we grew cress in the front garden.

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