Review: Bosch GlassVAC

The Bosch GlassVAC in action.

If there’s one thing that really bothers me about cold mornings, it’s condensation. That might sound a bit precious but, as I have asthma, I really notice the change in air quality at this time of year!

Too much moisture in the air can lead to other nasties such as mould and nobody wants to be breathing that in.

Getting rid of condensation as soon as possible is the best approach and I’ve just tested a new device that does so with aplomb.

The Bosch GlassVAC and accessories.

The Bosch GlassVAC is an easy-to-use appliance that’s perfectly suited to clearing condensation. It’s also handy for a number of other applications – more on those later.

At 22cm and 0.7kg, it’s both compact and lightweight. It’s cordless too, so it’s ideal for cleaning larger panes of glass such as patio doors.

Once fully charged – this takes just over two hours – it can run for up to half an hour and, thanks to its 3.6V battery, it’s a powerful bit of kit.

The Bosch GlassVAC being used to clean a smaller window.

It also has interchangeable large and small suction heads. I think this is an excellent design feature – particularly as the sections of windows that open tend to be smaller.

These heads boast innovative wiper blade technology which, until now, has only been used on car windscreen wipers.

There’s very little friction so, coupled with the vacuum’s strong suction power, it misses next to nothing.

The spray bottle that comes with the Bosch GlassVAC.

In addition, there’s a spray applicator bottle and microfibre cloths for cleaning windows in the first instance.

It all combines to make light work of even the grubbiest windows without making a mess in the process.

To test it out, I did all of our windows then took it to my parents’ house to do theirs. This wasn’t entirely altruistic as they have a much nicer view out of their windows!

A window being cleaned with the Bosch GlassVAC.

The results across the board were impressive. The windows were soon clear of condensation and streak free.

The spray bottle and microfibre cloth completely removed the fingerprints my kids had left everywhere too.

Once everything was done, it was easy to empty. All I needed to do was remove one end of the rubber stopper, turn it to the side and pour down the sink.

So what of other uses? The Bosch GlassVAC can also be used on pretty much any hard, waterproof surface, so there are loads!

I’ve tried it on kitchen worktops and bathroom tiles as well as windows and the shower screen. It can suck up spilt drinks too, so is really versatile.

I’m no stranger to Bosch appliances so was confident this would be more than up to the challenge and so it proved.

The Bosch GlassVac is an intuitive, powerful and versatile window vacuum that removes so much faff from an unenviable household chore.

The Bosch GlassVac has an RRP of £79.99.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. Colette

    I have a similar device for cleaning the windows but it has never occurred to me that I could use it for the condensation! I’ll be trying that out tomorrow!

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