Five Christmas traditions I’m looking forward to this year

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As I’m endeavouring to be less of a Grinch this year, I’ve been thinking about the things I’ll enjoy this Christmas. The logic, of course, is that if I start thinking about them sooner, my festive spirit should be stronger.

So here are five Christmas traditions I’m really looking forward to…

Swearing Scots

I first discovered this completely not safe for work game at… work. Three or four of us were in on Christmas Eve one year and the top brass wasn’t. Looking to the internet for entertainment, somebody unearthed this gem and that was the rest of the day sorted.

The object is to throw snowballs at windows by clicking and dragging a gloved hand. When the snowballs hit their targets, soundbites of very sweary Scottish people admonish you for doing so. It genuinely warms me when I hear my first “Who hit my fookin’ windae?” each December!


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Festive photo fails

We always take a picture of the kids in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve and it always goes wrong. One year, for example, one of the boys started eating the carrot left out for Rudolph. Curiously, Santa’s mince pie was left well alone.

Last year, none of the kids sat still for long enough and the best shot featured youngest falling over while trying to escape. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens this year – it better not be picture perfect now!

Die Hard

Die Hard IS a Christmas film, okay? John McClane is a husband and father trying to get home to celebrate with his family. It has exactly the same plot as numerous festive films – it just replaces faltering methods of transport with Hans Gruber et al.

Anyway, my wife and I always watch it on Christmas Eve while wrapping the last few presents. Yippie-Ki-Yay!

Gammon for breakfast

I have no idea where this tradition started, but my folks have always had a small slice or two of gammon with hot petit pain rolls and butter for breakfast on Christmas morning.

Presumably, this is because we don’t eat nearly enough during the rest of the day. I’m not one to question things my parents do, so we do the same every year too.

Festive fragrance

Years ago, before we were married, my wife and I used to do a Christmas stocking for each other. One year, the gifts tallied perfectly. Her first present was a CD. So was mine. Then chocolate. Then a festive ale. Then it deviated.

She got an engagement ring and I got a can of Lynx. Now every year without fail and once all other gifts have been given out, she’ll say “Oh, I’ve got one more thing for you.” It’s always a can of said deodorant and it always catches me out!

Which family Christmas traditions are you looking forward to?


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