Introducing a new bedtime routine with Tonies

As I mentioned recently, we’ve been getting rid of things that fall into the ‘baby stuff’ category. Youngest is almost three years old now, so we’ve been pushing the idea of her being a ‘big girl’.

One of the last remaining things on the hit list was the baby monitor. We no longer need to use it, but she likes having the lullabies at bedtime.

It was high time for something a little more grown-up and, thanks to the people at tonies, we now have an ideal upgrade in situ.

The Toniebox is a brilliantly straightforward way for children to enjoy music and stories.

It works in a similar fashion to toys-to-life video games like LEGO Dimensions and Disney Infinity. All children need to do to listen to it is place a Tonies figure on top of the Toniebox. Removing the figure switches it off again. It’s as simple as that.

A Tonies figure on a Toniebox.

Setting up the Toniebox was nice and easy. We installed the companion smartphone app, registered an account and followed the instructions. It was up and running within ten minutes.

I love the design of it. It’s soft and tactile but robust at the same time. Young children are notorious for being heavy handed with things, so this is good news!

Another useful feature here is the fact that the figures have magnetic feet, so accidentally knocking the box won’t interrupt the audio. Speaking of which, the sound quality is excellent.

It’s battery operated and will work anywhere with a WiFi connection so has been designed to be used on the go. Naturally, it comes with a charging station.

A handpainted Creative Tonie next to the Toniebox showing the charging point.

There are two types of figures, namely Tonies and Creative-Tonies. The former comes pre-loaded with content such as music and stories. For example, you can get Gruffalo and Stick Man Tonies – both big favourites in our house – among a great many others.

The latter is empty for you to add up to 90 minutes of your own content via the smartphone app or via your login on the Tonies website. The Toniebox Starter Set contains one Creative-Tonie.

We were offered an additional Tonie for this review. Both options appealed but the flexibility of a Creative-Tonie just edged it so we went for one of them.

A Tonies Toniebox and figure.

As well as adding favourite music and stories, we can add our own audio too. I love the idea of recording ourselves reading favourite books for her. That way, she can have the sixth or seventh story she apparently needs before bed while we eat our dinner!

Another use we’ve found is that, as we have two Tonies, we can use them as different playlists. The blue one currently has a bedtime story and relaxing music on it while the pirate has the music of ours she likes.

Youngest loves her Toniebox and Tonies and so do we. It’s such a clever, kid-friendly idea and a fantastic way of helping her feel a little more independent. Indeed – she aced using it before I’d had a chance to try and tell her how to operate it!

The Toniebox Starter Set is available in six colours and has an RRP of £79.95.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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  • Colette
    November 19, 2018

    I used to love listening to audio books at bedtime as a kid – this is a fab solution!

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