Three years old already!

A child who is three years old already enjoying some cake.

Somehow or other youngest is three years old already. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, but three years have definitely elapsed since her frankly terrifying arrival.

I haven’t written an update about her for a little while, so it’s about time I remedied that. So how’s she doing? Well, in a word, brilliantly!

She’s grown up so much over the last few months and is getting more independent by the day. A happy, funny little girl, she takes everything in her stride.

For example, she’s been going to two sessions a week at nursery since September and seems to love it.

Indeed, we haven’t had a single tantrum at drop off. What’s more, at her first parents evening, we were told that the staff have nicknamed her Little Miss Sunshine!

Of course, she’s not like that all the time at home. There are times when ‘Little Miss Sleep Hater’ or ‘Little Miss Threenager’ would be more apt.

She also has a fairly ambivalent attitude towards things she feels unnecessary. Such as bowls, actually joining in with singing at Rhymetime and keeping water in the bath.

But, for the most part, she’s an empathetic little thing who loves making others laugh.

She has also reached the stage of being very much into her own things. For a long while, she happily played with anything and everything without having any obvious favourites.

Now though, she absolutely loves books, the film Trolls and music in particular so all were well represented among her birthday presents.

To mark the day, I really wanted to take a picture that summed her up and I’m pleased to report that I succeeded.

Sure, the lighting isn’t great – our house in autumn is photography’s natural enemy in that regard – but everything else is spot on.

She’s cuddling one of her new toys, sporting her new onesie and eating her cake the wide end first. Meanwhile, there’s very little chance of any crumbs actually ending up in the bowl.

In short, she’s living her best life.

Happy birthday, Amelie!


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