What I watched this week: The Walking Dead

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Welcome to the first in a brand new series about things I’ve been watching on TV. For most parents, staying in is the new going out so we watch a fair bit of telly when the kids eventually go to bed.

My intention is to cover two or three things each week, but enthusiasm for one particular show has got the better of me this time. In my defence, it was a rather momentous episode.

Obviously, there are going to be spoilers. So, if you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Walking Dead, you may want to come back later!

The Walking Dead (Fox)

Where else to start than my favourite show and the final episode featuring its main protagonist? I’ve read a lot of criticisms about the end of Rick’s time on The Walking Dead, but thought it was a satisfying conclusion.

Sure, there were some classic TWD MacGuffins – not least our hero improbably surviving and ending up perfectly placed for Jadis and her helicopter friends to whisk to safety – but I think it worked really well.

It had everything. Nods to previous episodes, cameos from long-departed characters and even a George A Romero Easter Egg.

Best of all, as far as I’m concerned, Rick bows out as a hero and lives to fight another day. Many have said that he should have been killed off, but I disagree.

While the show can and will progress without him, it would have been unjust to the comics. He’s still alive and kicking in print and permanently offing him on TV would have created pressure to do likewise. The comics, of course, are the original source material and should be respected.

The announcement on Talking Dead that there will be three Rick TV movies is great news and I have a feeling we may see him return in a future season too.

And what about the six-year time jump at the end? I really wasn’t expecting that, but it was brilliant! A now-ten-year-old Judith living up to the L’il ass kicker nickname Daryl gave her back in season 3.

It was great to see the introduction of comic favourites including Magna and Yumiko too. Presumably, the next big bads aren’t far away and, if they’re anything like they are in the comics, we’re in for some pretty epic episodes.

It will be fascinating seeing how the story unfolds with someone different in charge and I really can’t wait.

Honourable mentions

The Good Place (Netflix)

Continues to be brilliant, funny and often thought-provoking to boot.

Taskmaster (Dave)

Always a favourite of ours and another great series. This week’s video game recreations were fantastic.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair (Sky Witness)

A little long and sometimes plodding at ten episodes, but a strong cast and story that kept us guessing whodunnit.

So that’s that for my first foray into reviewing television shows. What have you enjoyed watching this week?


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