Review: Crayola Scoot

A screenshot from Crayola Scoot.

Playing video games and making a mess are two things that my sons excel at. So I was pretty confident that they’d enjoy Crayola Scoot.

The new family-friendly title released today is Crayola’s first licensed video game in 14 years. It aims – and succeeds – to deliver competitive, social and creative play.

Crayola Scoot has a simple but satisfying premise – whizz around and daub your surroundings with paint.

I’ll readily admit that I’m not very good at it yet. Indeed, I became the object of affectionate but nonetheless stinging ridicule at the hands of both boys while attempting to pull off backflips.

I kept landing my poor character face down or, worse still, in pools of paint. That’ll teach me to try and be down with the kids!

Naturally, they were both able to steer like bosses from the off and were soon showing me how it’s done. Hopping, tailwhipping and grinding all around the skatepark.

The main focus of the game is to win the prestigious Crayola Colour Cup. This is achieved by taking on a leaderboard full of Scoot Legends in a number of events.

These include the self-explanatory Splatter Tag and Trick Run as well as Crazy Crayon – the object of which is to accumulate more of Crayola’s iconic crayons than your opponents.

Players can activate boosts and shortcuts to gain an edge over opponents as well as traps to thwart them.

To activate these, players need to perform tricks. And there are loads to learn! Once I mastered the art of not faceplanting into virtual concrete, I aced a few.

There’s lots of incentive to learn new ones too. The longer and more elaborate the stunts are, the more colour there will be.

There are 12 different skate parks across three worlds as well as a shop where you can exchange coins accumulated in events for upgrades. This helps keep the game fresh and engaging throughout.

I think it’s fair to say that Crayola Scoot is first and foremost a single-player title, but there’s still a lot of multiplayer fun too. The arcade section is home to plenty of split-screen battles that can be enjoyed by up to four players.

The boys have enjoyed these in particular – what’s better than defeating your brother – and, indeed, dad – against a backdrop of decorative carnage, eh?

It’s a lot of fun and we all play it with big grins on our faces so that’s more than good enough for me.

Crayola Scoot is available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC and has an RRP of £34.99. This review is based on the Xbox One version.

Disclosure: I received an advance copy of Crayola Scoot to review and keep. This post also includes an affiliate link.

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