Making healthy soups with the Beko Soup Maker #EatLikeAPro

A bowl of tomato soup alongside the Beko Soup Maker.

Disclosure: I received a Beko Soup Maker to review and keep. This post also includes an affiliate ad – if you buy a Beko Soup Maker via it, I may earn a small commission.

I’m not a huge fan of this time of year. That said, something I do enjoy is the excuse to eat lots of soup! I was pleased to learn, then, that my third and final Eat Like A Pro post with Beko involved its brand new soup maker.

Much like the Vacuum Blender I reviewed earlier this year, the Beko Soup Maker is a high-quality bit of kit. It comprises a stainless steel body, a solid glass jug and a measuring cup that also acts as part of the lid.

This is very much in keeping with how straightforward it is to use. You just need to place your ingredients in the jug, select a programme and leave it to do the rest.

There are five selections to choose from. Namely, chunky soup, fine soup, sauce, crushed ice and auto-clean. So far, we’ve only made hot soups but have been really impressed with the results.

The auto-clean function is really nifty too. Add some water and a few drops of washing up liquid then let it do its thing. Once emptied and rinsed, it’s ready to go again.

To put the Beko Soup Maker through its paces, we tried a variety of healthy recipes. The beauty of making soup in this way is that you’re in full control of what goes in it.

For example, canned soups often contain a lot of additives and salt. There were no such problems here, of course.

First up, we tried a chicken stock and lentil recipe. In addition to the headline ingredients, we added tomatoes, carrots, celery, an onion and some parsley.

We put the ingredients in the jug, replaced the lid, chose the fine soup setting and watched it go.

Thanks to its 1000W heater, it quickly started warming up and the kitchen filled with a lovely smell. After 25 minutes, the countdown reached zero and the blender kicked in.

The 800W motor and stainless steel blades combined to make light work of the contents. Within seconds, the soup was ready. It looked amazing! But what about the all-important taste test?

Unsurprisingly, it tasted great. The consistency was very good too. We were ready to eat it immediately but there’s a useful function for if you’re busy.

It can keep soup warm for up to 40 minutes. Indeed, as soon as the soup is ready, another countdown starts. Very handy.

We have since made a chunky butternut squash, potato and split pea soup as well as a tomato and chickpea recipe. Both were delicious as well as quick and easy to make.

I’m looking forward to continuing to experiment with different healthy recipes inspired by Eat Like A Pro and saving a fortune on cans as an added bonus!


  1. John Adams

    Loving your photo of the auto-clean function! It’s a great piece of kit the Beko soup maker isn’t it? I’ll be making loads more soups in the weeks and months to come. Next up: Chicken and noodle.

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