What I watched this week: BBC News, mostly

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Welcome to the second post in my new series about the week’s television. I normally keep track of the news via social media during the day and tune in to News at Ten in the evening, after watching normal telly.

However, this week it has been nigh-on impossible to watch anything other than the news. So, in an unexpected turn of events, I’m writing about that.

BBC News

I had high hopes for the news this week but, sadly, it failed to deliver – albeit through no fault of the Beeb. In fact, it was very much like Waiting For Godot in that, in a way, nothing has happened twice.

On two separate occasions, we waited and waited for a big announcement only for the Theresa May to trot out the same old Brexity things she’s been saying for months.

I’m not 100% sure who’s who in this analogy. Maybe we, the British public, are the bewildered duo Vladimir and Estragon. We’re waiting for something notable but simultaneously ambiguous to materialise.

The politicians, meanwhile, could be Pozzo and Lucky – it’s not entirely clear who’s leading who, after all. Or maybe nobody is Lucky in all of this.

The bleak, Godot-like atmosphere has only been added to by the PM’s frankly woeful timekeeping. We’ve all spent a lot of time zooming in and out on the entrance of 10 Downing Street and an empty media briefing room.

News anchors and political correspondents have done a sterling job filling in the time by discussing all the possible eventualities. Unfortunately, however, this contributed to the sense of anticlimax when Britain’s biggest wheat field enthusiast eventually spoke.

Some praise where it’s due though. Whoever is responsible for maintaining the nation’s most famous door has been on sparkling form. This literally reflects in it and provided some much-needed contrast with the dull, revelation-light diatribe the ensued.

Waiting For Godot is often classified as hailing from the Theatre of the Absurd and the whole situation this week has followed suit. And yet I still can’t stay away from BBC News for more than a couple of hours at a time, which I suppose says something.

In last week’s post about a certain zombie drama, I wrote about the group’s leader and his chances of survival against considerable odds.

It remains to be seen what will happen in Westminster but this government could well be The Walking Dead.

Maybe we’ll have some more eventful national news to watch soon after all.

Honourable mentions

Well, here’s a thing. Apart from The Walking Dead which I wrote about last week, we haven’t managed to watch anything else in its entirety. The news and challenging bedtimes with youngest have much to answer for!

Have you watched anything other than the news this week?

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