Why I’m happy to be textbook normal

A book with its pages folded creating a heart shape.

Textbook normal. It’s not a classification that most self-respecting people would aspire to. However, it was music to my ears when I was referred to as such yesterday.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Keeping on top of work, the new school year and getting our house on the market have all occupied my thoughts. Oh, and a health scare for good measure.

Three months ago, I went to the doctor with discomfort in my chest. It was almost certainly muscular, but the ECG he suggested to put my mind at rest hinted that something else could be at play.

There was something that didn’t quite look right among the results so I was referred to a cardiologist. At my consultation appointment in August, the doctor heard a definite sound between my heartbeats.

It could have been indicative of a condition or simply because it was an incredibly hot day and my body was having to work harder than usual. This led to a blood test last month followed by another scan yesterday.

The time between cardiologist appointments wasn’t long at all in the grand scheme of things, but it felt like forever.

With every passing day, I became more and more nervous. Meanwhile, the blood test revealed that my cholesterol was a little higher than average.

The discomfort still hadn’t gone away – in fact, it had got worse – and I started to worry.

Well, luckily, all seems to be well. At the end of yesterday’s ultrasound scan, I was told that I’m textbook normal. Phew. I was also told that I’m both very young and slim.

To be honest, I’d have taken ‘textbook normal, heading for middle age and a bit lardier than I used to be’ so I felt great when I left! Who knew they offer ego massage on the NHS eh?

I’m so relieved that I’m okay. Being a natural worrier with a vivid imagination, I had started to have horrible thoughts of not being there for my family.

It’s such a weight off my mind, but I’m taking it as a warning nonetheless. It’s a reminder to take care of myself.

While I’m not exactly old, I don’t feel particularly young either. I have a balanced diet and get regular exercise too, but there’s always room for improvement.

So I’m going to do little things like cutting out snacks, getting up from my desk more often and going to bed earlier.

They’ll all contribute to a healthier me and maintaining my very welcome status of being textbook normal.


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