Getting a spring in my step this autumn with SPRINGURU

SPRINGURU shoes - they literally put a spring in your step!

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again: I’m not a fan of autumn. The change in season always leaves me feeling a little flat and “meh”.

As well as my pernickety reasons for disliking autumn, there are some sounder ones. I struggle more with my asthma and also find it harder to be positive about things as the days get shorter, darker and colder.

Simply put, it’s a time of year when I need to get a spring in my step. Well, thanks to the good people at SPRINGURU, I literally have a spring in my step again! Here are five ways I’ve kicked the blues into touch recently, including my favourite shoes…

A pair of SPRINGURU shoes.

A spring in my step

Paolo Nutini wasn’t kidding – there’s something brilliant about putting some new shoes on. I reviewed SPRINGURU a couple of years ago and absolutely love them. I continue to be impressed by the comfort and quality of that original pair. They have pocket springs – the like of which are normally found in mattresses – in their soles.

This gives them a pleasing bounce and, of course, plenty of support. They’re innovative, comfortable, durable and look the part too. If it’s not clear already, I heartily recommend them!

I predict a diet

I have to admit that I didn’t eat as healthily as I would like to over the summer. With the festivities at the end of the year on the horizon, a lean spell to redress the balance in the interim is well in order!

Eating more fruit and veg and cutting down on cheese, biscuits and wine too is already starting to make a difference. I’m feeling fresher and sharper and this will only help with banishing the autumn blues.


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Getting out there

I love blogging for a living. I really do. But it can be a pretty solitary existence at times. I spend a lot of time alone at my desk and miss having colleagues to chat with. It was great, then, to head up to a blogging conference recently.

Although the journey there and back accounted for a quarter of my weekend – for which comfortable shoes were a must! – it was lovely to catch up with friends and learn new things. It has really galvanised me for the months ahead.

Switching off

I haven’t slept well in eight years. With youngest staying in her own bed for longer each night now, though, I’m not as tired as I have been. And while that may sound like a pretty minor victory, it’s definite progress!

I’ve capitalised on this by starting to go to bed earlier more often and not having too much screen time before I do. My logic beforehand was that I would be tired anyway so why not stay up late playing video games? But now the lure of sleep is often stronger than that of FIFA and Tomb Raider!

A close-up of a man's feet while walking.

Keeping active

It can be easy to fall into the trap of staying indoors more as the days get shorter and the weather less appealing. But it’s so important to get regular exercise and fresh air.

As well as doing at least one school run every day, I’ve returned to five-a-side after a few weeks out and it feels brilliant. Perhaps I should start wearing my SPRINGURU shoes for the latter – they might help me catch up with some of the younger, faster players!

If you like the look of SPRINGURU as much as I do, I have a discount code.

Using DOTD20 when prompted will give you 20% off.

Disclosure: I received two pairs of SPRINGURU shoes.

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