My summer plate-spinning act

Several piles of plates.

The summer holidays are over and it’s time for a much-needed return to routine. It’s just as well as the last six weeks felt like a plate-spinning act.

Somehow or other, we made it through without any figurative plates – or, for that matter, actual plates – figuratively or actually smashing.

But we’re exhausted now! Simultaneously spinning the ‘plates’ of family time, work, DIY and keeping sibling arguments to a minimum has been tricky.

Never mind though, we made it. Now it’s time to settle into autumn and the changes that come with it.

First of all, there’s the new school year. We all needed it – including the kids. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The summer holidays are too long!

Getting back in the classroom is going to serve the boys well. It’s great that they get to see their friends again and, hopefully, they’ll be enthused by their new topics.

Meanwhile, youngest is starting nursery later this week. I think she’ll love it there and she’s more than ready.

She’s becoming more and more independent by the day so it’s high time she spent a little more time with kids her own age.

For my part, I’m relieved to be getting back to work. I’ll readily admit that I really struggle during the summer holidays. I hate getting behind with emails and admin and, of course, don’t have as much time to write blog posts during the summer.

A brilliant former colleague once told me that she knew I would always write because, quite simply, I have to. She wasn’t wrong. I get genuinely ratty if I go more than a few days without writing something. It’s like a written form of being hangry!

There’s so much that I want to get on with, including planning and organising challenges for my upcoming 40 before 40 series. I’m really looking forward to working on that in particular.

Then there’s the biggest to-do list item of them all. We’re trying to move house! We’ve been addressing half-finished DIY jobs like there’s no tomorrow.

We’ve been wallpapering, painting, planing, sanding, fixing and landscaping. Not to mention decluttering, recycling, eBaying and binning! We’ve also shifted a huge amount to charity shops.

As a result, the house is looking better than it ever has and I’m proud of our almost-complete handiwork. Now we just need to keep everything tidy and stop youngest from vandalising the place.

So who am I kidding? The plate-spinning act isn’t over. We’ve just changed plates. And, at risk of mixing my metaphors, there’s a lot on them too! Man alive.

Was summer a plate-spinning act for you? How is autumn shaping up?

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