Introducing Magija

I’ve always had a sweet tooth and enjoy trying food from other countries whenever possible. With this in mind, it was a no-brainer when I was asked to try Magija.

New to these shores, it’s a tasty treat that has been enjoyed in its native Lithuania for well over a decade.

On the face of it, Magija is a dark chocolate dessert bar, but there’s more to it than that. Not least its surprising main ingredient. Namely curd.

Honestly, if I hadn’t received a press release with the review samples I was sent, I would have been none the wiser!

The curd is made when vegetarian rennet is added to fresh milk. This separates into curd and whey. The key ingredient is then made light and fluffy before having cocoa-based chocolate added.

A Magija bar alongside some strawberries and raspberries.

This makes the centre soft, sweet and creamy. The glaze, meanwhile, is a wonderfully bitter dark chocolate which complements the sweet centre perfectly.

The end result is a bitter-sweet snack that melts in the mouth.

As you can probably tell, I thought it was delicious. My wife – who isn’t as much of a snack fiend as I am – thought the same. We tried it served with strawberries and raspberries and it went very well with both.

I’m confident it would be great with mid-morning coffee or afternoon tea too.

Having seen numerous recipes on social media that use chocolate bars as their basis, I think Magija would contribute to some fantastic desserts. I reckon it would help to make an excellent cake.

A Magija bar being held close to the camera.

As well as containing a glass of milk in every 45g bar, Magija is free from artificial stabilisers and preservatives. As it contains milk, it needs to be stored in a fridge – or, of course, enjoyed immediately after purchase!

Magija is now available in the ethnic food chiller cabinet in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide and online, priced at 75p to £1 but you can find it on offer for less.

I don’t mind admitting that I’ve hidden the remaining review samples from the kids and that I’ll be buying some more next time I’m out shopping!

If you enjoy sweet treats as much as I do, I think you’ll love it. Well worth a try.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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  • Nige
    August 31, 2018

    I will definitely be off to Sainsbury’s to buy some it looks yummy

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