Five small things that have annoyed me this summer

A child performing The Floss. One of the many small things that have annoyed me this summer.

We’re approaching the halfway point in the summer holidays and it’s fair to say that my sons are missing school. While they’ll never admit to such things, they love routine and six weeks out of it is always going to be testing. For everyone.

Their sister is used to having the run of the house and this is her last hurrah before starting at nursery, so that has added to the fun too.

Add to this the facts that we’ve massively outgrown our home and that we’re actually experiencing weather appropriate to the season and there’s plenty of potential for tempers to flare.

I don’t think we’ve done too badly and have actually managed to diffuse a number of potentially big sibling rows.

As is often the way though, it’s the small things that have got to me most. Here are some of them…

The Floss

This happens everywhere we go. Everywhere. Bus stops. The queues in supermarkets. Even when we were enjoying exploring places during our holiday.

Both boys are fully committed to performing it and have both almost knocked people flying on several occasions. They also criticise one another’s techniques too. Bless.

Toy storeys

I’ve said before that one of my superhuman skills is walking on LEGO without feeling pain, but it’s nice to have clear floors now and then. ‘Now and then’ referring to autumn, winter and spring, of course.

All three kids seem to be on a mission to get absolutely every toy and game out and distribute the¬†pieces all over the house. I’m never going to find a fiver down the back of the sofa, but a Monopoly Junior note is entirely possible.

Yoghurt pot jokes

There’s something even less amusing than the jokes that are printed on the lids of yoghurt pots. Well, two somethings actually. First of all, there are the arguments that still ensue over joke-telling etiquette.

Then there’s the extensive post-joke analysis in which our darling boys explain to us why said jokes are funny. I beg to differ on all counts.

Fake poos

No, I’m not talking about joke shop fodder. Youngest is potty training at the moment and, to be fair, is doing pretty well. However, she has learned that sitting on the potty can be a great delaying tactic.

Consequently, we’ve spent many an hour – more cumulatively than literally, but there have been some epic sit-ins – waiting for nothing to happen. It’s very much like being a Spurs fan during the transfer window.

Our electricity bill

Summer is a time when most people’s energy bills are lower. While we’ve been using next to no gas, the opposite is true of our electricity. The boys can’t seem to walk past a light switch without flicking it on.

Similarly, youngest is adept at putting on the telly, hiding the remote control and then leaving the room. Sigh.

Which small things have annoyed you during the summer holidays?

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