Assessing my summer goals

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At the start of the summer holidays, I wrote a post about my summer goals. With a week or so left until the kids go back to school, I thought it would be a good idea to see how well I’ve done. Why now? So that there’s time to make up for things, of course. I know myself too well! So, without further ado, let’s see how I’ve fared…

Relax and de-stress

Starting with an epic fail, this has been my most stressful summer in living memory! The balancing act that is being self-employed during the school holidays has been harder to negotiate than ever. Also, the fact that we’ve outgrown our house has never been so apparent – particularly at bedtimes!

Meanwhile, my cardiologist appointment has led to… another cardiologist appointment next month. If anything, I’m more stressed now than I was at the start of the holidays! Here’s hoping for an insanely relaxing final week. I won’t hold my breath!

Enjoy lots of family time

I’m pleased to report that we’ve done well on this front! We had a lovely holiday on the Isle of Wight as well as a handful of nice days out. Plus, as I work from home, I’ve inevitably seen the kids a lot more than I do during the school year.

Naturally, it hasn’t been perfect and there have been the sibling squabbles we’ve come to expect. While I think we’re all ready for a return to routine now, it’s been great having everyone around for a few weeks.

Get some work done

My aim was to keep things ticking along with work and I think I can mark this down as a success too. The summer tends to be my most unpredictable time of year so I’m always kept on my toes.

I’ve managed to publish three posts a week, keep my social media channels alive and just about stay on top of admin so that’s not bad. That said, I’ve got some big plans I’m looking forward to working on when I get the chance!

Sort out our house

It felt like slow progress at first, but we’ve done fairly well here too. I’ve lost count of the number of bags of clutter that have gone to the charity shop. We’ve also sold, thrown away and recycled loads of stuff.

The best bit, though, are the gardens. My parents finished the back for us while we were on holiday and helped us do the front afterwards too. There’s still a lot to do inside, but I think we can dare to dream about getting it on the market before too long.

Potty training

Hopefully, I’m not speaking too soon but youngest is doing really well. She’s got the idea very quickly. Much sooner than her brothers did and much faster too. There’s been a lot less in the way of drama as well.

Inevitably, she has learned to incorporate it into her time-wasting repertoire too, but I’ll take that. It looks like we won’t need to buy any more nappies, which is great news for the wine budget.

So, all in all, I think we’ve achieved most of our summer goals. Even though I feel like I need a holiday now!

How was your summer? Did you set yourself any targets and did you achieve them?


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