My Sunday Photo: Little man of the world

A young boy looking at a world map. A proper little man of the world!

Oldest’s latest fascination is geography. The World Cup definitely played a part in this; he wanted to know where all the countries were and what their flags look like.

One of his birthday presents was a huge map of the world, complete with all the flags underneath it. He and his brother love looking at this map and asking us which places we’ve been to.

And I have to say that his knowledge, in particular, is amazing. He would completely ace Pointless.

Last week we were in London and did some sightseeing while we were there. We were just leaving Trafalgar Square when I spotted a flag that I thought might be tricky for him to identify.

“Which one’s that then?” I asked him. “Too easy. Uganda,” he replied. Very impressive. A proper little man of the world!

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  1. Darren Coleshill

    Love this photo, it’s amazing the knowledge they absorb.

    Where does he fancy travelling to?

    Hope you have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  2. MotherGeek

    My daughter was inspired by the World Cup too – she’s been spinning our globe and asking where such and such a place is for 5 weeks and counting…! #MySundayPhoto

  3. Tammy Stevenson

    Oh the wonders those little minds can store. He is one very smart boy. I love this photo almost from his perspective.

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