Family Summer Day Out Fun with Capri-Sun

Two pouches of Capri-Sun.

Summer is finally here and it looks like it’s here to stay. Hurrah! With the school holidays imminent, parents’ thoughts are turning to how to keep the kids occupied for six whole weeks.

It’s a daunting prospect, but is still very much achievable. Like many others, we’re on a pretty tight budget so we’ll be having plenty of free and cheap days out.

Luckily, we live in a semi-rural and coastal area, so the countryside and sea are never far away. We’ll go out for lots of country walks and trips to the beach with picnics playing a big part.

A range of Capri-Sun drinks.

It’s simple days out like this that children seem to remember more fondly. This just goes to show that we can enjoy things with a key ingredient removed – expense, in this case. More on the ingredient changing angle later.

Of course, it’s important to have something refreshing to drink while you’re out and about. Speaking of which, we just tried some new-recipe Capri-Sun.

I hadn’t had it since I was a kid myself so I was interested to find out what had changed.

The Capri-Sun logo.

Well, first things first, Capri-Sun has never contained preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. But, as the saying goes, there’s always room for improvement.

The new Capri-Sun original range now has 50% less sugar with nothing artificial in it, but the famous flavour has remained intact thanks to the addition of Stevia, a sweetener from a natural source.

That’s already a win in my book – my kids don’t need much sugar to get silly, so anything with a reduced amount can only be a good thing!

One thing that hasn’t changed is the famous pouch. It’s still lightweight and compact and doesn’t need chilling. Again, this is great for us. Particularly the lightweight element. We don’t have a car so have to carry everything around.

A toddler looking inside a Capri-Sun cool bag.

We packed some pouches of Capri-Sun and headed for one of our favourite walks – a former railway line that is now a lovely country route free from traffic. It was such a nice day that we walked all the way to my parents’ house! As soon as we got there, it was high time for a drink in a shady spot.

With the ingredients and portability boxes well and truly ticked, the most important test remained. Yes, that of taste.

Two boys enjoying Capri-Sun.

I’m happy to report that there were no complaints from my children. They really liked both the orange and blackcurrant flavours and merrily gulped them down. It would have been rude for me not to try both flavours too and they tasted great.

Fortunately, we received a fair few samples, so we’ve got plenty in reserve for the next few weeks!

So there you go. We had a nice family day out with minimal expenditure and with the kids consuming less sugar. Thumbs up all round!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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