Become more energy aware with the British Gas Smart Meter Maze

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Saving energy is something that’s in everyone’s interests. From being more environmentally friendly through to being kinder to our pockets, there are plenty of very good reasons to do so.

It isn’t always easy though – particularly with kids around! My three keep me on my toes. They’re forever leaving lights on, not to mention the TV.

With all of this in mind, British Gas is on a mission to make people more energy conscious. Most of us are well aware of the basic things we can do on this front. Investing in triple glazing and only using the heating when necessary are among the obvious measures.

But too many of us aren’t actively stopping energy from being wasted in our homes. I’m proud to say that we were already pretty sensible with energy use. That said, there’s always room for improvement. And this came via the addition of a smart meter.

The British Gas Smart Meter Maze game.

We had one installed a couple of years ago and it has really helped focus our thinking. Both on how much we’re using and how much we’re spending as a result.

Seeing how much energy individual appliances use is quite eye-opening. As a result, we’ve changed our approach to all of our energy use.

We only fill the kettle with what we need, have shorter showers and always switch devices off at the wall when we don’t need them.

This, of course, means that bills are much more accurate than they used to be and offers a real incentive to be sensible with energy use.

To show people how to be more energy aware, British Gas has designed an arcade game. The object is to run around a maze, switching off energy-draining appliances faster than the resident teenagers can switch them back on again.

My score on the British Gas Smart Meter Maze game.

I’m a sucker for 1980s-style video games so love this! While it’s a little while before I have teenagers to deal with, this is a very real problem with my three kids.

I simply had to give it a go and think I did fairly well. I made it through all five levels and racked up a score of 23,250. Not bad at all!

Why not give the Smart Meter Maze a try yourself? Don’t forget to share your score on social media afterwards. Also, follow the link at the end of the game to find out more about smart meters.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. Sophie

    What a fantastic idea – both fun and informative! It’s really great to be able to see how much energy you’re using on certain things so you can change your habits. It’s also a good way to see how efficient your boiler really is – once they’re older than about ten years, they may well be costing you and the planet quite a bit!

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