Upping my boys’ teeth-cleaning game with Playbrush

A happy child holding a Playbrush and a tablet running the companion app.

As I alluded to in a recent post, getting my kids to clean their teeth properly is far from easy. While that debacle was specifically about my two-year-old daughter, her brothers’ brushing efforts leave a little to be desired. They needed to up their game and, thanks to Playbrush, that’s exactly what they’ve done!

Most kids love video games and the boys are no exception. When I was offered the chance to review Playbrush, I had to say yes please.

It’s a smart attachment for normal toothbrushes that connects via Bluetooth to a companion app available on both Android and Apple devices.

The Playbrush attachment.

The attachment effectively turns toothbrushes into video game controllers. Moving it in different directions achieves different actions on the app’s games. It’s a simple but oh-so-clever idea that I wish I had come up with!

In the box are the smart attachment itself, a USB charger, a standard 3+ toothbrush and a plastic holder for smartphones or tablets.

A child using the Playbrush.

Getting everything ready was nice and easy. While I charged the smart attachment via my PC, I installed the app on my tablet. I registered for a free account and, once the attachment was ready, followed the in-app instructions.

I also created individual profiles for the boys – there’s no need to buy more than one Playbrush attachment as they are designed to be shared.

As our bathroom tiles are unglazed, I was unable to test the plastic holder as the suction pads wouldn’t stick. This was no problem though – the holder is a nice-to-have extra that is by no means essential.

A Playbrush attachment next to a tablet running the app.

Then it was simply a matter of getting the boys to give it a try. There were no problems here – they both wanted to! Anything that gets them onside before they’ve used it had to be a good sign and so it proved.

They were soon trying out the various free games – there are others that you can download with a subscription – and trying to get the best scores possible. Utoothia – in which children take on the role of a knight zapping germ-like monsters – seems to be an early favourite!

A child playing a Playbrush game while brushing his teeth.

I particularly like the fact that there’s a rewards screen which showcases their progress. All gamers love racking up achievements and it also shows where they need to improve their brushing.

There are also plenty of stats for parents to check through as well as a Brushing Coach to teach children how to brush all of their teeth properly.

The rewards screen of a Playbrush game.

Using Playbrush has already made a big difference. I’ve gone from nagging the boys for not brushing for long enough to telling them they need to stop to go to school or bed! I’m happy that the boys are finally brushing their teeth properly.

Playbrush has an RRP of £24.99 but, if you like what you see as much as I have, you can make a saving with my exclusive discount code. Just quote DIARYOFTHEDAD when prompted to get 20% off.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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