Entering the comfort zone with the Simba Hybrid Mattress

The Simba Hybrid Mattress on a bed.

Sleep – or a distinct lack of it – is something that I seem to write about a lot. It’s been almost eight years since I regularly got a decent night’s kip.

Actually, it’s probably been even longer than that. While the kids have undoubtedly played a big part, a new acquisition has proved that I wasn’t set up for a good rest before they were even on the scene.

A Simba box.

We took delivery of a Simba Hybrid Mattress a couple of weeks ago and, honestly, it has made such a difference. My old one was never nearly as comfortable – even when it was brand new.

Things have changed since I last got a new mattress. This one arrived rolled up in a box. “It can’t have springs in it,” I said to my wife. Wrong!

Despite its relatively compact appearance on arrival, there’s actually loads going on inside a Simba Hybrid.

A leaflet showing the layers of a Simba Hybrid Mattress.

There are no fewer than five layers – including springs! A top layer known as Simbatex provides comfort and support. Beneath this is one with conical pocket springs that adjust as you sleep.

This is complemented by a layer of memory foam and a support base with seven different zones. Then there’s the hypoallergenic, breathable sleep surface.

A Simba cutting tool being used to carefully remove plastic packaging from a rolled-up mattress.

I was amazed that there’s so much to it. We positioned the mattress on our bed, carefully removed the plastic with a nifty cutter tool that came in the box and left it to do its thing.

It immediately started to rise. After a few hours, it had reached its full size. It was nowhere near bedtime, but it would have been rude not to have a lie-down.

A man sleeping on a Simba mattress.

It’s so comfortable! While I still get woken up by my kids, the quality of sleep has been so much better. I no longer ache in the mornings – even the day after five-a-side – and feel a lot more refreshed.

Something else that I’m really impressed by is Simba’s 100-night sleep trial. To give people over three months to decide whether they’re happy with their purchase shows real confidence in the product.

A detail shot of a Simba Hybrid Mattress.

And, having used mine for a couple of weeks, I can see why the people at Simba have such faith in their mattresses. The quality is top notch and I’m really rather happy that I get to keep it.

I love our new mattress and am very happy to recommend Simba. If you’re on the lookout for a new one and like what you see here you can get £75 off here.

Disclosure: I received a Simba Hybrid Mattress to review and keep and this post includes affiliate links. 


  1. Katy Stevens

    I’ve heard great things about the Simba mattress! Looks really comfortable.

    We’ve had one of those rolled up in a box ones and they are just amazing aren’t they!

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