Don’t forget to send your Father’s Day cards!

Two young boys posting Father's Day cards in a postbox.

Here’s a final reminder that Father’s Day is on Sunday! There’s not long left to sort out a token of appreciation for your dad.

The good news is that, according to research by Royal Mail, it’s the simple things that matter. Yes, while myth has it that dads are difficult to buy for, the story is actually quite different. Quality time and small gestures are the most important things.

The survey of 2,000 UK dads found that we’re most likely to receive beer, socks or aftershave. And, while 80% said that they usually receive a card, gift or both, it seems that we prefer presence to presents. Indeed, the top five ‘gifts’ included going out for a meal as a family, hugs and receiving Father’s Day cards.

For those unable to be with their children in person on Father’s Day, cards were the most popular way of showing affection, beating video and phone calls to first place. This is because cards are much more personal and can be kept.

Further to that last finding, seven out of ten dads have kept some or all of the Father’s Day cards their kids have given them over the years.

I can relate to all of these findings. While it’s nice to receive presents, spending time with my family is the most important thing to me.

My dad has always taken the same view. As a kid – and even as a young adult – I didn’t understand why he wasn’t fussed. I get it now, of course.

Father’s Day has therefore evolved for me. In one way, it still means the same as it did when I was young. We’re still close and I still want to show my love and appreciation every year.

As a dad myself now, though, I understand my dad’s point of view. It’s the quality time with my wife and kids that beats everything else.

I’m seeing my dad on Sunday but will still be sending a card as it’s important to me to do so. I can’t share too much as my dad reads all my blog posts, but I recruited the kids to help me make a personalised one on the computer.

It’s something we often do for people on special occasions and they always bring a smile to recipients’ faces!

I still have every card my children have given me. Even the ones that are literally just scribbled! They mean so much more to me than gifts that thousands of other dads will receive identicals of.

So, much like the kind of things mums look forward to on Mother’s Day, it’s simple and thoughtful ‘gifts’ that make us most happy.

Friday 15 June is the last posting day for Father’s Day cards, so why not send your old man one?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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