Review: Dr Beckmann appliance cleaners range

The Dr Beckmann appliance cleaners range.

Disclosure: This is a paid collaboration with Dr Beckmann. This post also includes affiliate ads. If you end up buying any of the products, I may earn a few pence!

If there’s one household chore I need to get better at, it’s cleaning our appliances. Actually, that’s something of an understatement. Just cleaning them at all would be a good start. Well, thanks to the people at Dr Beckmann, I have finally made some progress.

They sent me three of their appliance cleaners to test. Namely Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner, Oven Cleaner and Service-it Washing Machine Cleaner. Here’s how they fared.

Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner

With five of us in the family, our washing machine gets a lot of hammer. Of the two products I received for this particular appliance, I thought a deep clean would be in order first. I poured the contents of the box into the drum and started a 60° cycle.

An hour or so later, it was ready to inspect. The drum looked and smelled nice and clean and it must have done a good job on the drain hose too. The blurb on the box claims that it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and micro-organisms, so that’s good to know as well.

Oven Cleaner

We’ve lived in our house for eight years and the oven was here when we moved in. In all that time, we can’t recall cleaning it. Oops! A stern test awaited the oven cleaning spray. I sprayed on a decent amount and left it to work its magic. For the most part, the gel stuck to vertical surfaces without running down.

After an hour, I cleaned it off with hot, soapy water. While not perfect, the insides of the oven and grill are now unrecognisably clean. The door needed a second application as it was filthy, but it worked. I’m really impressed!

Service-it Washing Machine Cleaner

Finally, I tried out the Washing Machine Cleaner. I used a small amount on a cloth to clean the rubber seal around the door, before soaking the tray in 50ml and four litres of water. After half an hour, I rinsed the drawer – which was much cleaner – and put it back. In went the remainder of the product and on went another 60° cycle.

Once the cycle was complete, I had a look. Again, everything was a lot cleaner. There was some staining left on the seal, but that was my fault for leaving it so long. The residue had all gone so the Service-it had done its job.

All in all, I’m pleased with the results. I like to give products tough tests and, in all honesty, I thought I was being unreasonable by using them on our neglected appliances. Particularly the oven! While they weren’t left completely spotless, the difference the Dr Beckmann appliance cleaners have made is obvious.

Our washing machine and oven should now perform better having had a much-needed clean. I promise not to leave it eight years next time!

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