Getting ready for summer with Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club shaving products.

The fact that the largely decent weather we’ve been enjoying lately hasn’t gone anywhere prompted me to make a major realisation. Summer is definitely here now. And, more to the point, I wasn’t ready for it.

Working both for myself and from home, it can be easy to let standards slip. I prioritise my family and work – in that order, of course – over myself. As long as everyone’s fed, watered, well rested and where they need to be on time and that I meet my deadlines, it’s all good. Right?

Well, no. I’ve become so used to it that, inadvertently, I had become what I shall refer to as a hermit. I was wearing the same comfortable but nonetheless well-worn clothes. I was spending as much time as possible indoors. And my beard was starting to look like that of Rasputin.

A man with a scruffy beard.

I looked ‘meh’, was feeling ‘meh’ and probably not setting a good example for the kids with my rather shabby appearance. Something had to change and, fortunately, it has.

First things first, I followed the wise words of Ron Burgundy. “There’s only one thing a man can do when he’s, suffering from a spiritual and existential funk… buy new suits.” Okay, I didn’t buy a suit, but I ordered myself some much-needed new threads.

Next on the agenda was getting away from my computer screen more and out of the house. I’m pleased to report that we’re already doing well on that front and have chalked up a number of family walks recently.

We’ve all got more fresh air and exercise and it’s a great way of showing the kids that you don’t need screens to have a good time.

The final challenge provided the sternest test though. This leads to another embarrassing confession. While I sporadically get rid of my beard with an electric shaver, I can’t specifically remember the last time my face was smooth. Thinking about it, this was probably ahead of the last job interview I had. Four years ago! Oops.

A Dollar Shave Club Classic Shave Starter Set.

A clean shave was well in order but, with me so out of practice, I needed some reliable gear. Step forward the people at Dollar Shave Club. They sent me their Classic Shave Starter Set. Comprising an executive razor, four cartridges and some shave butter.

It looked like great quality gear and I was keen to get started. I gave my beard a light trim first so as not to clog up the blade with the first pass. That said, I left more than enough facial fuzz in situ to give it a decent test.

A man with a clean-shaved face.

The blade and shave butter combined to create a smooth glide. Most areas only needed one or two passes and my face was soon smooth for the first time in ages. There was no irritation at all and the performance of the set matched its appearance.

Genuinely, I feel great. It’s been a long time since my face has been completely free of a beard. It’s nice to feel the air on it and I like to think it’s taken a couple of years off my appearance too.

Go to to get the Classic Shave Starter Set usually £12 for just £5, sign up now! Remember to accept cookies so I know you signed up through my link.

It’s amazing how doing such a simple thing can give you a lift and using this shaving kit has definitely played a part.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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