A Bronze Age Discovery 2: Rise of the Water

A shovel emerging from the earth with the fake movie title: "A Bronze Age Discovery 2: Rise of the Water" superimposed.

Last week, I wrote a post about what appeared to be a bronze age discovery in our back garden. It turned out to be a manhole cover that a previous owner had seen fit to bury under the lawn.

And what does every blog post about a surprise manhole cover need? Why, a sequel, of course! There have been a great number of terrible films that somehow got follow-ups, so I think this warrants one too.

Particularly as there was another surprise in store. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you A Bronze Age Discovery 2: Rise of the Water.

So we addressed the problem today. I say ‘we’. Most of the work was carried out by my dad and uncle. But I did play a key part. More on that shortly.

It started, as most horror sequels do, with the removal of the entity that previously prevented the evil from escaping. Yes, we removed the manhole cover.

And, yes, the drain underneath was most definitely blocked. Grim.

After trying to unblock it with a large stick, I remembered that we had a bottle of something that loves jobs us mere mortals hate. I poured it in.

It didn’t seem to do much, so we started talking about what we would need to buy in addition to a new cover. A few minutes later, there was a sudden whooshing sound. The stuff had worked!

Away went all the filthy water, revealing the meeting point of all the pipes coming from our house. And a flowerpot. Yes. A flowerpot. It was sitting perfectly placed above the bottom of the drain.

It didn’t take long to work out what had happened. There was one disused pipe that clearly hadn’t been used in years and a previous owner had stuffed a flowerpot in it. Albeit not well enough for it to stay put.

Why had they done this? Who knows? But that’ll teach me for thinking that last week’s find was the final insult!

Maybe we should have seen this coming though. Last month, I wrote another post about our plans for our garden.

In it, I included a mention of some hexagonal stones we’re repurposing as a path that will resemble the gold run from Blockbusters. Well, there certainly was a blockage that needed busting in close proximity!

Ah well. It’s sorted now and, thanks to my uncle and dad, a shiny new manhole cover that actually fits over the hole without the need for overhanging mortar is now in situ.

I’m now working on the assumption that there are plenty more surprises in our house and garden. It’s entirely possible that there’ll be A Bronze Age Discovery 3. Let’s hope not though, eh?


  1. John Adams

    So you had a blocked drain in the garden? How long had THAT been there? Thankfully I’ve never had to deal with anything like this. if I do, I’m coming to you for help and advice!

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