Why being a pro blogger is far from glamorous

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As it’s one of the newest professions around, blogging for a living seems to have a glamorous reputation. People are often in awe when I tell them that I’m a pro blogger. Not of me, you understand, but of the lifestyle that they perceive me as having.

I love my job and can’t deny that I’ve had some really cool experiences through it, but it’s still a job like any other. I thought it would be interesting, therefore, to break the illusory fourth wall and show what it’s like behind the blog posts.

Just like any other job, there are problems including some of the below.


It’s great being my own boss, but I do miss having colleagues. Of course, I see my family much more than I used to and that’s lovely. But I separate work time and family time – which is a must – so it can be a lonely existence.

This also means that I don’t have other departments to go to for help when I need it. I am now my own IT, Accounts, PR and Legal teams. And, yes, that’s pretty scary. Even worse, I haven’t got anyone to say “See you next Tuesday” to ahead of Bank Holiday weekends!

Money worries

I set myself an earnings target every month and have to admit that I obsess over it. To put one myth to bed straight away though, blogging isn’t lucrative for most. I earn much less than I did in my old job and my targets are keenly aligned with our bills and food shopping!

As well as having to make sure I secure enough work each month, I often have to chase late payments. It’s a kick in the teeth to find yourself overdrawn when it’s not your fault. I’m proud to say that, since I started blogging professionally, I’ve never been late paying any bills but keeping the work and money coming in is hard work itself.

Hidden work

I’m at my happiest professionally when I’m working on content. I would absolutely love to say that’s how I spend most of my days, but that would be a lie. There’s a huge amount of admin to be done!

Keeping on top of emails is a challenge – particularly at busier times of year – and then there are the tasks normally associated with the other ‘departments’ I mentioned earlier. GDPR is a current source of great anxiety and updating my earnings spreadsheet and producing invoices are the bane of my life.

Pressure to succeed

According to the lists that various media outlets maintain, at least, I’m one of the UK’s leading dad bloggers. That being the case, it’s important that I remain so. After all, if I were to fall away, it could impact on the amount of work coming in.

As a result, I have to put a lot of pressure on myself to maintain my place. This can lead to self-doubt and despondency on bad days and it can be difficult to pick myself up again. Particularly as I’m a one-man band.

Of course, I wouldn’t change my job for any other and, contrary to the image of me that some of these points may create, I’m a happy person. I just wanted to show that being a pro blogger is far from glamorous and, in fact, much like other jobs I’ve had!


  1. Nige

    Brilliant read mate, I can totally relate with the loneliness of being a one man band, I have worked on my own for over 20 years, I guess I’m used to it now. But Just Occasionally a bit of conversation would be nice. Saying that blogging has opened up a whole new circle of friends like yourself. To have chat during the day.

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