#EatLikeAPro with Beko

A toddler eating a plate of healthy food. #EatLikeAPro

Getting young children to eat healthily is a battle that most parents are all-too-familiar with. In fact, according to recent research by Beko, a huge 50% of Brits have given up on trying to get their kids to eat five-a-day.

The survey of 2,000 British parents also found that 41% had abandoned trying to getting kids to eat greens in favour of getting them to just clear their plates.

These are, of course, worrying findings. Particularly when you consider Public Health England statistics which show that 25% of 2-10-year olds and a third of 10-15-year olds are overweight or obese.

Step forward Beko and its #EatLikeAPro campaign. The home appliance experts have teamed up with FC Barcelona to help parents inspire their kids to nurture a love of healthy eating. Among other things, Beko is working alongside the iconic football club’s nutritionist to create 100 family-friendly recipes.

As an introduction to the campaign, Beko challenged me to try my hand at food styling. Younger kids can be very visual eaters, after all, so turning their meals into pictures can sometimes help on this front.

As I mentioned recently, the only things that my two-year-old daughter will eat without question are bananas. To give myself a fighting chance of success, therefore, I chose to make something that included them.

A plate of healthy food made to look like a desert island.

I thought a banana would make a good tree and, after looking at some of Beko’s food styling suggestions, decided to use kiwi fruit as its leaves. I added satsuma segments and blueberries to serve as a desert island and the sea.

My daughter likes small amounts of cheese and breadsticks too, so I made a sun with these. I was cautiously optimistic she would eat at least some of it. So how did it go?

As expected, she went straight for the banana and devoured it mercilessly. She ate some of the satsuma segments and blueberries but didn’t want to try the kiwi.

I think this counts as a moderate success. New things can take a bit of getting used to and I get why she preferred the other fruits.

Plus I think there was an element of tactical play on her part. She saw how keen I was for her to try new things, so went for the more appetising ones!

In footballing terms, I’m putting this down as a 2-1 win. Hopefully, we’ll achieve a 3-0 next time. Speaking of which, I’ll be back with another #EatLikeAPro post soon.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    Great work Tom! Very ‘professional’ if you’ll excuse the pun! I found the statistics from that survey really worrying. I’d feel like I was letting the kids down if I didn’t encourage them to eat five a day. i can’t tell you we manage it every single day, but they get so much junk these days from all manner of sources that it’s essential kids are educated and encouraged to eat well.

  2. Nige

    Great initiative Tom, we try our best to get five a day for the girls but it doesn’t always happen thankfully they do like fruit and veg great read

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