A great day out at Drusillas Park

Two young boys in front of the Drusillas Park sign.

One of the biggest and best attractions near where I live is Drusillas Park. I’ve loved going there since I was a child so it’s no surprise that my kids love it too. Indeed, we have a strange rite of passage in our family that involves a trip there.

When we were invited to spend a day at Drusillas recently, the answer was always going to be a resounding yes!

Four photos of attractions at Drusillas Park.

For those unfamiliar with Drusillas, it’s a small zoo and adventure playground near Eastbourne and Brighton in East Sussex.

It started life as a tea room in 1922 and has grown into a brilliant family-friendly attraction. As well as being home to over 100 different species of animals, it boasts play areas and a number of rides.

A red panda at Drusillas Park.

As soon as we arrived, we went around the zoo. The kids loved seeing all the animals. Among a great many others we saw anteaters, red pandas and meerkats.

We actually went round twice – mainly because the kids were so excited that they dragged us through at high speed first time!

A kookaburra at Drusillas Park.

There were also otters, binturongs, flamingos, porcupines, owls, iguanas and some monkeys. Among the latter were a pair of baby common marmosets.

One of them kept trying to hang upside down while their parent despaired. I think we can all relate to that!

A baby marmoset hanging upside down at Drusillas Park.

There was another relatable moment when we got to the lemurs’ enclosure. There, we were told by a keeper that all of the residents had been enjoying a nice kip until the baby woke everyone up. I feel your pain, lemurs!

Some lemurs at Drusillas Park.

We needed a sit down by this point but it wasn’t quite lunchtime, so we headed for the Safari Express. A train that goes past animals including camels and llamas as well as the large play area.

A large tower with a corkscrew-like slide at Drusillas Park.

The boys took this as an opportunity to make an impromptu itinerary of what they were going to climb!

After lunch in the Oasis Cafe, it was time to let the kids burn off some energy. They had a great time in Amazon Adventure. Climbing, sliding and swinging. Much like the baby marmoset, in fact.

Three children sitting on a bench next to a model of Hello Kitty.

Youngest was keen to have a look at the Hello Kitty Secret Garden area so we headed there next. After the obligatory group photo, I took her on the car ride.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve never had a driving lesson so this was the closest I’ve been. She was an excellent tutor too.

A father and daughter on a car ride at Drusillas Park.

After a return to the playground for more animal-like exercise, a few goodbyes to favourite animals and a much-needed coffee, it was time to go home.

We had a lovely, fun-packed family day and are looking forward to visiting again soon.

A little girl looking at some Fennec foxes.

Disclosure: we were given tickets to Drusillas Park in exchange for a write-up of our day.


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