Five TV mashups I’d like to see

Several old remote controls with the words "Five TV mashups I'd like to see" superimposed.

I love the abandoned play scenes that youngest leaves. The most recent one featured Captain America watching an episode of Shimmer and Shine. I quite like the idea of the most earnest of the Avengers enjoying the antics of two frankly useless genies.

It would make a great mashup actually. This got me thinking – which other unlikely crossovers could work?

Starting with the one inadvertently suggested by my toddler, here are five TV mashups I’d like to see. In the spirit of fairness, there’s a minor Game of Thrones spoiler, so you might want to skip that one.

A Captain America figure in front of a TV showing an episode of Shimmer and Shine.

Captain America & Shimmer and Shine

This would make some compelling chalk-and-cheese telly, wouldn’t it? Mr Rogers would wish for an end to conflicts with his various foes and the genies divine would exacerbate matters via their ham-fisted attempts to grant them. They would hate each other at first, but slowly foster a grudging mutual respect before becoming a force to be reckoned with. In fact, they ought to shoehorn the feckless genies into Avengers: Infinity War.

PAW Patrol & Game of Thrones

Early on in the fantasy drama, the Stark family adopts a litter of Direwolves. A few seasons later, only a couple of the hounds still exist so there are natural vacancies for canines. Step forward the irritating anthropomorphic mutts from Adventure Bay. Yes, it would mean putting them into a dangerous world, but it’s a risk I’m prepared to take in my self-appointed role of showrunner. I would also find parts for Ryder, Cap’n Turbot and Mayor Goodway.

Lost in Space & Clangers

I find it very difficult to get into Space-based shows with Clangers being one exception to the rule. Just imagine if the Robinsons were to crash land on the Clangers planet instead of one riddled with danger though. Presumably, the two families would find some common ground and maybe the humans might want to stay. This depends on how much green soup and blue string pudding they can stomach, of course…

The original poster for The Walking Dead with Daddy Pig superimposed.

Peppa Pig & The Walking Dead

Yes, I’ve done this one before. And, yes, it’s quite dark. But I could have gone for Lord of the Flies instead which would have been a lot worse. With the zombie drama recently taking the crossover route with its sister show Fear The Walking Dead, who’s to say this idea will never come to fruition? Okay, me for starters. It never will. But any excuse to reuse this image of Daddy Pig cantering into post-apocalyptic Atlanta on Horsey Twinkletoes…

Dr Who & Twirlywoos

I’ve always thought that there was something a little malevolent about the Twirlywoos so they would be natural adversaries for The Doctor. They look innocent but mess with people’s stuff and, therefore, their minds – much like many a Steven Moffat creation. The title trips nicely off the tongue too. Plus, the new Doctor’s clothing wouldn’t be out of place in the CBeebies House. It all makes sense and you know it.

Which unlikely TV mashups would you like to see?


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