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It has been literally years since I participated in a blogging meme. They were all the rage back in 2013 but seem to be few and far between these days. This is a shame as they’re a great way of finding out a bit more about other bloggers.

Thanks to Maddie and Daddy though, here’s my first one in around five years. Called the Sunshine Blogger Award, the idea of this one is to answer 11 questions then ask 11 of my own to 11 other bloggers. Here goes…

What were some of the names you or your partner wanted to use for your children but that got vetoed straight away?

I don’t think we had any that were vetoed but we struggled with boys’ names. From day one, we knew what we would call a daughter, but little lads’ names proved tricky.

What have you bought, child-related that was the biggest waste of money?

There have been so many things I’ve regretted buying. The most annoying though was a potty-training toilet that sings and gives out stickers. It lost its voice and stickers early on so now it’s just a potty. We’ve kept it for youngest but she’s reluctant to use it. Her brothers now use it as a step for reaching the bathroom sink. Sigh.

And what was your best purchase?

Purely in terms of its longevity, the first baby monitor we bought back in 2010. It has been dropped in a pint of orange squash and needs to be turned right down then up again to stop it beeping as soon as it’s switched on, but it has outlasted three other pretenders to its throne.

What were your kids’ first words?

Full disclosure: I had to look these up via old posts as I couldn’t quite remember. Aside from ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’, all three said ‘Peppa’ very early on. Not cool. Better early words from each of them include ‘Batman’, ‘Owl’ and ‘get down’.

Do you already have a profession in mind for your kids?

I want them to do whatever pleases them. Although if at least one of them could end up playing for Spurs that would be great.

What’s your favourite kids’ TV show?

We all love Hey Duggee – especially all the incidental voices in it. Like the ant who keeps saying “I don’t think so” in a really contemptuous way.

Favourite place for a family day out?

I guess that would be a nearby countryside walk that used to be a railway line. We go there a lot for fresh air, exercise and a bit of geocaching.

Do you have nicknames for your little ones?

Yes, they all have several nicknames but they’re only used within our family.

Do you plan on having any more children?

Probably not. I think we’ve got a nice dynamic with the three of them and I’m looking forward to getting sleep again one day.

What made you start a blog?

I wanted to keep a record of family life and also had half an eye on writing a book. A blog seemed like a good way of seeing what people thought of my writing. Almost eight years later, I sincerely doubt the book will ever happen but the blog has taken over in a way I never expected so I’m happy with that.

How do you think your kids would feel about your blog when they are old enough to read it?

Two of them are getting to that stage now! They still think it’s cool at the moment but I know that could change. I’ll save the most embarrassing content for then!

Now for my Sunshine Blogger Award questions…

  1. What’s the best bit of parenting advice you’ve ever been given?
  2. Is there a story behind your blog’s name?
  3. What’s the most embarrassing thing your kids have said or done in public?
  4. Do your family and friends know that you’re a blogger?
  5. What’s the strangest thing you’ve done while sleep deprived?
  6. How much has your blog changed since your first post?
  7. Do you have a hidden talent?
  8. Where do you see your blog in five years’ time?
  9. What was your dream job as a kid?
  10. Where and when do you write your posts?
  11. Which largely trivial things in life really annoy you?

Over to you good people:

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