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With the exception of overly familiar strangers who always seem to sit next to me on the bus, nobody likes discussing intimate health issues.

As a nation, we’re generally very awkward about such things and tend to shy away from them. As a result, though, we know less about some conditions than we ought to.

For example, did you know that men can get thrush? I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I had no idea.

Male thrush is less common than its female equivalent, but it’s a condition to be aware of. As a result, Canesten® is on a mission to get people to talk health.

I agree with the sentiment of this. Many of the world’s problems come down to people not talking and health is no exception. While we don’t need to go as far as the aforementioned commuters and share every last detail, I think it’s important to discuss topics like this more.

After all, the more we know about health issues, the better equipped we are to deal with them. But, because of our tendency to avoid potentially embarrassing topics, many of us aren’t prepared.

Being open and honest about such subjects is therefore a sensible approach. In the spirit of this, I’m going to share a story about something that once happened to me.

I was in my mid-twenties when I thought I found a lump in the boxer shorts region. Understandably, I was really worried about it but felt uncomfortable about consulting my GP.

I couldn’t bear the thought of not knowing though, so decided to go along. I was examined then referred for an ultrasound which, thankfully, concluded that there was nothing to worry about.

Both experiences were mortifying and I still cringe when I think back to them. I would go through them again though because my health is much more important than my vanity.

And, yes, talking to others made it feel like less of a daunting prospect. Writing it down and sharing it here makes it feel like less of a big deal too.

Back to the topic of knowing your enemies health-wise, thrush is an infection that can affect men and women of all ages. It’s caused by an overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus.

This fungus is naturally found on the skin of healthy people but, when the natural balance of the skin is disturbed, it can multiply and cause the infection.

The good news is that it can be treated with over-the-counter products like Canesten®.

So let’s all stop being so British about things we perceive as embarrassing and talk health more often. To my mind, discussing awkward personal subjects is infinitely preferable to suffering in silence.

Disclosure: this post has been supported by Canesten®, but all thoughts are my own.


  1. John Adams

    As it happens Tom, I also had to have an ultra sound in my twenties when I discovered something that worried me in my ‘boxer short region’. Anyway, male thrush is a fascinating one. I’e known women tell all and sundry they have the condition yet I’ve never once heard a guy say they have thrush and yet I knew men could have it. fascinating and good work Canesten for encouraging an open discussion about this.

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