My Sunday Photo: run away!

A child appearing to run away from the sea on a beach.

I took Xander to a friend’s birthday party yesterday. It was at an attraction close to the sea and, as we arrived early, we decided to skim some stones.

The tide was quite high and the waves feisty so he soon started playing another game. Running up to the water’s edge, retreating at the last minute and yelling “run away!”

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a photo with a huge wave behind him – and there were a few! – but it was great to get one in which he wasn’t posing.

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  1. James

    Great action shot. Me and my siblings used to skim stones when I was a kid. Never got beyond an 8 I think, but it was good fun and the location was stunning. Skimming stones with the daughter is now on my to do list.

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