Trying to stop snoring with Breathe Right

Did you know that last week was National Stop Snoring Week? I’m guilty of pushing up rather loud zeds now and then, so when the people at Breathe Right asked me to take part, I felt I ought to!

They sent me a hamper of items to help me – and Kate, of course – to relax. It included some earplugs, a scented candle and some Breathe Right nasal strips. Also in the hamper was a ‘Snory Book’ for Kate to document how things went during the week.

According to Kate, while my snoring isn’t an issue most of the time, I can sound like a bath emptying on occasion. With three kids – and Amelie, in particular – we get precious little sleep as it is so I was very happy to give the nasal strips a try.

I had never used them before so I was interested to see whether they would make a difference. As soon as I applied the first one I could tell that it would.

Although they’re practically invisible – check the sleepy selfie below – the change I witnessed was obvious. Breathing through my nose was immediately easier. Now I understand why Liverpool’s Robbie Fowler wore a plaster over his nose in the 1990s!

This left me optimistic that I wouldn’t bother Kate with any nocturnal Harley-Davidson impressions. Here are some of her entries from the Snory Book, both with and without the nasal strips.

With nasal strips

“Tom’s snoring isn’t usually that bad, but it’s nice that it didn’t end up bothering me.”

“I didn’t have to kick him last night!”

Without nasal strips

“Putting crème fraîche in tonight’s dinner was a bad choice.”

“When Amelie wakes us up, it’s harder to get back to sleep if Tom nods off first.”

My thoughts

Generally, I slept a lot better with the nasal strips than without. Breathing was definitely easier and I felt more rested in the mornings too. Wearing them was a strange sensation at first, but they did their job and were easy to remove so I’ll certainly consider getting some more when I run out of the ones Breathe Right sent me.

We have a major confounding variable in Amelie who wakes up every night and gets in our bed. That said, she didn’t bump into me as much so perhaps that’s a sign that I was snoring less.

I don’t think the strips will necessarily stop my snoring altogether – for example when I have colds or if I’ve had a couple of pints – but they clearly alleviated it and we all slept better as a result.

Do you or your partner snore?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. Nige

    Loving this we actually both snore and the twins do. I’m sure we all wake each other up. Think we had better go and get these pronto. Fab read

  2. Kirsty

    My husband has sleep apnoea. Even though I wear ear plugs nightly, it can be so bad, it still keeps me awake. The snore strips didn’t work for him. He uses a snore guard. Which basically looks like a gum shield. This is the only thing which has helped. I don’t have to kick him or tell him to turn over, after jabbing him in the ribs.

  3. James

    I snore like a buzzsaw. It’s so bad actually that my wife needs to go to bed first otherwise she doesn’t stand a chance. Sometimes she’ll banish me to the spare room. I think I’ll have to try these. 🙂

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