Bridging the ‘fibre gap’ with Arla Fibre #GetFussed

Two pots of Arla Fibre yoghurt.

For some reason, fibre doesn’t seem to get much of a look in when the subject of balanced diets comes up. It really ought to though as most people in the UK aren’t getting enough.

While we should be consuming 30g a day, the majority of us are only managing 18g. This ‘fibre gap’ isn’t ideal, of course. The 30g target exists with a balanced digestive system in mind, after all.

Perhaps this gap exists because fibre is seen as bland or unappealing. But fret not, the people at Arla are on the case and want to help people get fussed about fibre. Their new Arla Fibre range offers a tasty way of getting more of it into your diet.

Available in four flavours – namely strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and pineapple & passion fruit – each 150g serving contains a healthy 4.7g of the good stuff. This provides a welcome boost and, along with small dietary changes, can contribute to reaching the all-important 30g per day.

A selection of Arla Fibre yoghurts alongside bowls of fresh fruit.

These tweaks include eating brown bread, rice and pasta instead of their white equivalents. You could also replace spinach with kale, grapes with strawberries and cream crackers with rye bread.

To celebrate the launch of Arla Fibre, I was invited to a luncheon in London. As well as being my first soundalike meal/location combo, it was a chance to swot up on how to get more fibre into my diet.

I love events that confound expectations and this didn’t disappoint. We thought we were all sitting down to the same meal but soon realised that this wasn’t the case.

I was next to Afra from madmumof7 and, as soon as our starters arrived, we noticed a small difference.

A bowl of risotto.

The topping on Afra’s risotto was ever so slightly darker than mine. It turned out that hers included brown breadcrumbs while mine had white.

Onto the next course and we were on the lookout for differences. The salsa verde which accompanied our roast cutlet and croquette of lamb was visibly different.

Mine was darker. This time, we tried a bit of each other’s and it confirmed it. Mine included pesto and Afra’s had pea and mint.

Roast cutlet and croquette of lamb.

We began to suspect that one of us was being fed a higher fibre meal than the other. Again, this was confirmed when the desserts arrived. While my French fruit tart had natural yoghurt in it, Afra’s included Arla Fibre in its ingredients.

Clearly, Afra had the higher fibre meal. Hers amounted to 17g of fibre while mine came in at 11g. I thought this was a really clever way of showcasing how easy it actually is to get more fibre without sacrificing taste.

French fruit tart.

And speaking of which, we all tried some Arla Fibre yoghurt on its own afterwards. It was creamy, full of flavour and I wouldn’t have known it had fibre in it.

I really enjoyed my meal – even though I didn’t get as much fibre as some of the other guests! – and now have a much better idea of how to ensure there’s enough of it in my family’s diet.

Arla Fibre is available in major UK supermarkets.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the event described in this post and paid a fee for my time.

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