Why I love smart home devices

A man pressing computer-style logos that have been superimposed on the image to represent the use of smart home devices.

Yes, that is probably one of the geekiest blog post titles I’ve ever published, but I well and truly stand by it!

I love technology and am always keen to try out new devices and gadgets as soon as possible. As a result, smart home devices are beginning to take over our house. We now have three smart speakers, a smart thermostat, a smart meter and a smart home monitoring kit.

They all make life so much easier and I wouldn’t go back to any of the previous setups we had in place. The smart thermostat that we had installed along with a new boiler last year has been particularly useful in the recent cold weather.

We’ve always used heating on demand – as opposed to via set programs – in order to save ourselves money. Being able to switch on the heating by voice command – via any of our smart speakers – suits this approach perfectly.

Similarly, I can use a companion app on my phone to switch it on when we’re on our way home. We always keep an eye on the smart meter, so never spend beyond our means. This is also better for the environment, so it’s a win-win situation.

Of course, I use my smart speakers in their own right every day too. I always check the weather forecast before going on the school run and stream some music over breakfast. I also use the one in my office to fact check things I mention in blog posts and to help with the boys’ homework.

The smart home monitoring kit, meanwhile, provides peace of mind. Although there’s almost always someone at home, it’s good to know that we have cameras, door sensors and an alarm set up. Again, I can manage it all remotely from my phone which is incredibly useful.

So will that do me? No chance! I’m already planning to make our home even smarter! I have asthma and suffer a lot at various times of year. A smart air purifier is therefore high up on my wishlist. I’m also tempted to switch to smart lighting too.

If you’re looking to buy some smart home devices, Future Home Shop has plenty of options available, as well as free next day delivery. It’s well worth a look if you’re thinking of investing in some new tech.

Which smart home devices are on your wishlist?

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


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      It really makes a difference, doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s making me lazy. Either way, I’m a convert!

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