Five more petty things my sons argue over

An imaginary carrot. One of five petty things my sons argue over.

A couple of months ago, I blogged about some of the ridiculous things that have sparked arguments between my sons.

Since then, we’ve had the Christmas holidays, several weekends and a half term for them to get on each others’ nerves.

And they have done so with great aplomb. So, further to my previous post, here are five more petty things my sons argue over.

Identical ball bearings

Oldest got a game that is similar to 80s classic Screwball Scramble for his birthday and both boys love playing it. It keeps them away from screens and is good fun too. So nothing’s wrong, right? Wrong!

While they’re good at taking turns now, whoever isn’t playing simply must have the spare ball bearing. Obviously, they’re identical and can’t be told apart. Obviously, I’m missing something. Somehow or other, they can differentiate between them. Or at least they claim they can and blazing rows are guaranteed.

Imaginary carrots

I was only half awake for this particular altercation as it occurred at the crack of dawn one Saturday. From what I can gather, they were playing with a combination of toys and their imaginations. They both have cuddly rabbits they’ve had since they were small so I assume that they were key players.

Both of them had imaginary fridges full of food, but here’s the problem. Only one of them had carrots in it. Obviously capable of imagining a fridge but not one with said vegetable in it, one boy managed to somehow steal the imaginary carrots. In the ensuing existential confrontation, a very real theft occurred. That of our sleep.

Sofa sarnies

One of the previous five petty things the boys argue about has come back to haunt me. Namely the cushions from the old sofa. Yes, we got rid of it due to a combination of permanent damage and boundary disputes but, like idiots, kept the cushions.

Our logic was that they were too good to send to the tip. Somehow, they ended up in the boys’ room. And somehow, it became the vogue to sandwich themselves in them while reading. And he who isn’t a sofa cushion sarnie is a very cross little lad indeed.

Jacket pockets

Oneupmanship is a common theme of sibling squabbles and the boys seem to take it upon themselves to score points off one another for the most trivial of things. The latest centred on two new jackets.

Were they happy to get new coats to keep them warm in the freezing weather? Well, one of them was. The one who found that his jacket has six pockets in it. The one whose coat has a paltry four, however, was temporarily inconsolable.

Toilet roll innards

To adults, the cardboard tubes you get in the middle of loo rolls are an annoyance. They’re so small and insignificant that it doesn’t feel like they warrant taking straight to the recycling box. If you leave them on the bathroom floor, however, there’s hell to pay.

You see, if one child beats another to them and is caught doing so, the dispute will rumble on for hours. Obviously, I’m missing something again as the boys treat them like bricks of gold. If cryptocurrencies fail to stand the test of time, buy a family pack of bog roll and you’re onto a winner. Apparently.

Which petty things do your kids argue over?


  1. jeremy@thirstydaddy

    I have a six year old and an 18 year old step daughter. You would think they would have nothing to argue about. You would be wrong

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