Why do cats meow?

A cat on a bed.

If I ever go on Mastermind, there’s an unlikely candidate for my specialist subject. Cats. As well as growing up in a family of ailurophiles – yep, cat lovers – I spent five and a half years working for the UK’s biggest feline welfare charity.

Specifically, I wrote and edited copy for a wide range of publications from the supporter magazine to veterinary guides.

It’s fair to say that I picked up quite a lot of information, most of which is still firmly in situ six years after leaving. Being a parent of three kids though, I’ve lost out on loads of sleep and am beginning to forget things.

This is cat-astrophic – sorry, not sorry – as we now have a feline friend of our own in She-Ra. It’s lucky then that the people at WHISKAS® have launched K.I.T. or The Kat Institute of Technology to use its full name.

As well as including videos that cover nutrition and cat care, the new YouTube presence has some brilliant offerings that focus on behaviour. So if you’re puzzled by puss, they’re well worth a look.

Now, whenever any of the kids ask why She-Ra does something, the answer is easy to find. I particularly like the sense of humour in the videos including this one entitled Why do cats meow?

I have to admit that I had forgotten that the main reason cats vocalise is for our benefit. It’s funny to think that, generally, they don’t meow at each other nearly as much.

She-Ra and I haven’t always been the best of friends. Fret not; I’ve always been nice to her. She just hasn’t warmed to me for some reason. Just lately though, she has taken to sitting behind me as I work.

For the most part, she sleeps but, every now and then, she will meow at me. I think that this is just to remind me that she’s there and it works as I’ll stop for a couple of minutes to stroke her. It serves another purpose too as it gives me a break from the computer screen. Maybe she’s concerned about my eyesight!

Whatever the reason, I’m glad I’ve been reminded that the meowing is an attempt to engage me so I’ll make sure to take a break every time I hear a little chirrup behind me.

All I need now are videos to explain the kids’ behaviour!

This post is a collaboration with Whiskas, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website and their KIT hub for more information on why do cats meow and their YouTube channel for fantastic KIT videos.


  1. Tales from the Dad Side

    I didn’t know that was why they meow! Madness. And pretty cool.
    That is a lovely animation! I’ll show my monkeys (children) when I get a chance.

    My cat doesn’t really meow, unless he really, really, really wants something.
    I suppose that means he doesn’t normally want to communicate with us!
    Or that no words are necessary…

    1. Post

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