Review: LEGO City Busy Word Book

LEGO City Busy Word Book cover.

Encouraging the kids to read and play with LEGO are both important to us. So this new book was always going to be well received!

As its name suggests, LEGO City Busy Word Book is a great title for parents who want their little ones to build their vocabulary as well as the famous bricks.

The new publication by DK features over 500 words relating to people, jobs, vehicles, buildings and much more. It teaches them via 30 colourful and detailed scenes that children will love looking through.

Within the different scenarios are hidden objects to find, recurring characters and, of course, LEGO’s trademark humour. There’s a narrative to it too, which I think is a great way of keeping kids engaged.

Detail of a page from LEGO City Busy Word Book.

The four chapters follow a pizza thief through LEGO City and beyond, encountering a wide range of characters and locations. These include a construction site, a spaceport and a crooks’ hideout.

I love how representative it is too. There are plenty of female characters in roles that are ordinarily portrayed as male-only elsewhere.

Similarly, there’s a dad with a baby in a pushchair in one scene – I was particularly pleased to see that!

Detail of a page from LEGO City Busy Word Book.

It’s aimed at early readers so is ideal for children in reception and years one to two at school. That said, it’s never too early to start nurturing a love of reading so I’m planning on using the pictures to teach my two-year-old daughter new words too.

LEGO CITY Busy Word Book has an RRP of £9.99 but I have five copies of it to give away. As always, you can use as many of the entry methods as you like via the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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  1. Tracy Nixon

    I cannot remember having a specific set – just a huge yellow bucket full of Lego that me and my older brother shared!

  2. Angela Treadway

    I used to have a box of lego and i would make houses with it. We had proper lego roof tiles and everything so it would look like the real thing! X

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Dont think i had any !! Weve built several on Christmas Day this year -cars of course !

  4. laura jones

    dont think when i was a child i had an actual set like my grandkids did but i had a lovely big box full which could be anything i wanted; houses garages sheds towers etc

  5. Sadiyya Maryam

    Not a particular Lego set but lots of various Lego pieces and we would use our imagination to build anything and everything!

  6. Chris Bull

    Mine were purely sets of Lego but it was a hell of a long time ago 🙂

    My Grandsons sets are amazing and so much scope

  7. jo liddement

    In the 70’s we had a box of starter Lego with basic bricks,roof tiles ,windows and doors to build houses. It was not the variety and themes that they have now.


    I never had Lego as a child as i preferred playing with my Barbie dolls but my niece is a huge Lego fan.

  9. Lynn Neal

    I liked playing lego at school because they had wheels and we didn’t have any at home but it wasn’t a set exactly!

  10. Deborah Worrall

    I had a kitchen set which had little taps, a fridge and cooker. I played with it so much and my Mum kept it in the loft so my children play with it now!

  11. Linda Ford

    I didn’t have any sets, I had a big box of Lego with huge green bases! I used to love making houses ☺

  12. Rachel

    I never had a particular set but just loved to make houses! My husband’s favourite set was a space rocket which my two children still love playing with now!

  13. olivia Kirby

    I think they weren’t theme sets when I was a child, just the boxes of bricks and doors and windows

  14. Shelly Wenn

    Didn’t have sets as a child, just a quality street tin of block Lego. The corner pieces were my favourite; i loved building a lego house with each row a different colour in Lego.

  15. Karen Hill

    It wasn’t sets when i was a kid, nothing like it is now, we used to have a box and make anything we could think of, its amazing now x

  16. Sarah Forster

    We didn’t ever have actual sets, just different collections of bricks and boards. We’d spend all our time building houses!

  17. Kev Cannon

    My brother and I never had Lego as kids as it was too expensive but my son loves it and we ofter build it together. He got a few christmas related sets this xmas and we still need to do these.

  18. Susan B

    I remember having a tub full of Lego bricks and enjoying them but I do not remember having a favourite set. They were probably hand-me-downs.

  19. Karen Usher

    Back in the days…….I’m not that old, I used to play with all my brothers lego, I don’t remember their being specific sets he would get, but more like the board and then you stick things to to the board. I would create houses/hospitals etc. So much fun to be had

  20. Pam Francis Gregory

    Don’t think there was such as thing as sets back then. we had to use our imagination!

  21. Karen Barrett

    When I was a child there wasn’t the same wonderful sets as there is now. You could buy mixed brick packs or one variety packs eg roof tiles

  22. Kelly Cooper

    I don’t remember a set, but always liked building the house with the little trees and windows

  23. Kate Davies

    We didn’t actually have sets when I was little, just a big box of bricks which we used to build whatever we could think of. I remember building a massive house complete with cress as a lawn in the back garden.

  24. Kat Allinson

    We didn’t have a set just loads of random lego pieces that we made all sorts of models out of

  25. Adrian Bold

    I don’t remember there being sets when I was a kid – just the bricks and your imagination.

  26. paula cheadle

    I had a box of Lego, and I used to make all kinds of different buildings, hours of FUN

  27. Chantelle79

    I never had any but my soon is Lego crazy. Mine craft and Star Wars, I leave his dad to do the Lego building with him!!

  28. Vicky Louise Varley

    I didn’t play with lego as a child, but i have a 9 old year son who has been lego crazy since age 3 so have played with a fair old bit of it now lol! I would say lego city sets are my favourite closely followed by lego Star Wars,.

  29. Natalie Crossan

    We love all the girly lego! My daughter is obsessed – particularly with the cinderella ones x

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