My 2018 blogging new year’s resolutions. What are yours?

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Happy New Year! After a bit of a go-slow over Christmas, I’m raring to go again. Slacking off for the last week or two has probably been the closest thing I’ve had to a holiday in a couple of years so I’m feeling rather refreshed. As a result, I’m quite optimistic about what 2018 holds for me as a blogger.

I’ve been doing that awkward thing of taking a look at myself and seeing what I need to improve upon. Starting as I mean to go on, here are my blogging new year’s resolutions. Now they’re on the internet, I have no excuses!

Plan ahead more

Despite being a full-time blogger for well over two years, I’m still guilty of flying by the seat of my pants. I quite like the unpredictable nature of this approach but it can get stressful at times. At the moment, I plan content a couple of weeks in advance but need to look further ahead. I’ve probably missed out on interesting things to write about, so looking further forward is a must.

Manage my time better

This one goes hand in hand with planning content. Working from home can be a double-edged sword; my time can be as flexible as I like, but I’m sometimes a little too relaxed with regards breaks and end up working later than planned making up the time. I’m therefore going to adopt a more disciplined approach to my working hours and stick to them.

Up my social media game

I used to be pretty good at social media but have to admit that I’ve slipped a little in the last year or two. This is almost certainly down to needing to manage my time better. Plus, since going full time, I’ve found the admin side of things takes much more time than I anticipated. I miss engaging with others as much as I used to, so being more sociable on social is another of my goals in 2018.

Take more photos

For someone who blogged for a whole year without including imagery – we’re talking seven years ago, by the way, when it was a different animal – my approach has changed massively. That said, I still need to take more photos and improve my camera skills. I’m looking forward to straying beyond the auto setting on mine and experimenting with other features as well as a wider variety of subjects.

Get out of my comfort zone more

I’ve branched out a fair bit in recent years but still stay in my comfort zone of whimsical content more than I should. Three of my top ten posts last year were sensible, topical offerings though and that has given me the confidence to redress the balance a little more in 2018.

Earn more

Blogging is my full-time job and we want to move house this year so money is very much a necessary evil. I always set myself earnings targets and am slightly ahead of schedule so I’ve revised my target for the financial year to one I previously thought way out of reach. I won’t reveal the figure as I’m too English for that kind of thing, but I’m quietly confident I can achieve it.

Fellow bloggers! What are your new year’s resolutions when it comes to this part of your lives?


  1. Lewis Brown

    I can relate to almost all of your plans for the year. Apart from earning money. Being a new blogger I haven’t got into that yet but to be honest I’m enjoying using it as a hobby. But I do want to start a store on my blog to sell photography prints. My main plans is to have a set schedule of posting dates as well as read more blogs I enjoy. Fingers crossed you reach your goal. And I look forward to seeing more images from you.

  2. Nige

    I think you wrote what I should be doing, sometimes it’s so stressful especially with commissioned work and deadlines. I must confess sometimes I am exactly like yourself seat of my pants. I don’t organise my time very well, great tips mate and good luck.

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